Pressure Points on Feet for Headaches

Drat that headache that stops you from doing any important work, all you can do is lie down and hope that those splitting headaches and migraines just disappears. A headache sometimes disappears on its own but a migraine is a more serious problem and it lasts for days together. A migraine is, in fact, a more complex problem, as the blood vessels dilate and releases chemicals from nerve fibers causing inflammation and consequently the pain. This is where acupressure comes to your aid, activating some pressure points on feet for headaches can have a miraculous effect on your headache, making it disappear in a jiffy. We will discuss here how exactly it helps.

Causes of a Migraine:

No one knows what triggers off a headache or a migraine? Some of the common suspects are the following,

  • Hormonal fluctuations – Women bear the brunt most, especially during their periods.
  • Erratic eating patterns – We are what we eat and when it comes to migraines too, the wrong foods such as fermented foods, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco can trigger of a bout of severe headaches.
  • Other reasons – Besides all of the above there are other triggers such as tension, stress, erroneous sleep routines can individually or synergistically lead to headaches and migraines.

Acupressure to Heal a Migraine: Important Feet Points

Reflexology is the most comprehensive and holistic answer to most of your health problems. It is an easy-to-follow treatment technique where the solution is not temporary but it offers lasting results. Find out some of the important pressure points on feet for headaches and how it can alleviate your problem from within.

Top of the Feet: This is a fairly easy place to locate the valley between the big toe and the second toe. The points are at least 1-2 inches from the toes.

 Near the Fourth and Fifth Toe: Locate the point between the space of the fourth and fifth toes.

Moving Point– This point gives welcome relief in conditions such as headaches, eye fatigue, arthritis and foot cramps. Locate it in the valley between the big and the second toe.

Headaches may be regarded as minor aberrations in an otherwise perfect day, but sometimes it can cause immense pain and it does not go away even with the popping away of over-the-counter pills. Substitute those side-effects inducing pills with reflexology, one acupoint at a time and feel an amazing difference.