Prinzo Fine Catering – part of the family

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With over 40 years of experience in fine catering and customer service, you will find you and your family calling Prinzo for all of your events.

Manager of Prinzo Fine Catering, Irina Nachetaya tells Ottawa Life that Prinzo has seen many milestones throughout a family’s life.

“We catered a home party for a 70th birthday and the person who ordered it said Anthony Prinzo catered her wedding 30 years ago, then catered the wedding of her daughter 13 years ago, now we catered her husband’s birthday party– she’s still happy with the service,”said Nacetaya.

She says families like this one keep coming back because they know what to expect. Families expect fine catering, and Prinzo delivers fine catering for every client and event.

Every client can expect their event to be unique because Prinzo customizes every event they cater to their client’s vision. Whether it be at their private location on O’Connor or any venue in the city, from weddings to work parties to birthdays, Prinzo Fine Catering can do it all.

The experienced chefs at Prinzo Fine Catering get creative in the kitchen and can make any plate look extravagant. “We eat with our eyes. We always think about our presentation.” Said Nacetaya.

Their extensive menu options include gourmet hors d’oeuvres for special events, such as the delectable poached pear and herbed goat cheese on crostini, or their succulent scallops wrapped in prosciutto. For more formal, plated meals you have the luxury of choosing from options like sautéed chicken Madera, or an Atlantic salmon fillet with cilantro and lime butter sauce, just to name a few. Needless to say, you will never leave a Prinzo catered event disappointed or hungry.

Even if you don’t have a vision, Prinzo can make any event a memorable one. For your next event call Prinzo Fine Catering for the royal treatment and the finest event that your guests will remember forever.