Pros and cons of having a checkbook

Due to its popularity, no one is arguing the benefits of having a credit card which you can use not only for daily shipping but also to pay bills and just carry your money with you throughout the day. It’s a mostly secure way of carrying money and it’s fairly accessible in terms of ease of access. However, there is another solution that many are still hanging on to despite it not being as popular as it once was, as least not in the regular consumer spectrum. In this article we discuss the pros and cons of owning a checkbook. Hopefully this will help you decide whether or not you should get and use one for your scheduled payments as well as daily expenses.

Pros of having a checkbook

  • Checkbooks are great because you can easily carry them in a bag or something meaning that there’s no hassle in that sense
  • Having physical evidence of all payments in front of you makes it easier to keep track of everything
  • Checkbooks give you a reason to get a fancy accessory that can look good in combination with your outfit, such as the kind of checkbook holders you find at
  • You can cash out on checks from any local business meaning that checks are extremely accessible and useful
  • Keeping a check ledger will help you always be on top of your financial situation and never go a second without knowing how much money you have in your bank account or how much you’re spending (and on what)
  • Checks give off a professional and business oriented vibe that will make people take you more seriously
  • Checks are very secure methods of payment because they only become valid once your official signature is featured on them so those intent on stealing your checkbook won’t be able to do much with it

Cons of having a checkbook

  • Checkbooks are a little more susceptible to damage since they’re made out of paper, meaning that you have to be more careful where you pull one out
  • Checkbooks can be seen as old fashioned but that really depends on the kind of people you interact with so it’s not really a con
  • On the flip side of one of the pros, checkbooks and check ledgers can be messier to manage since there’s physical paper to manage, organize, store, etc.
  • Checkbooks don’t let you pay online, meaning that you’re restricted from the online medium which is in full bloom from an industrial point of view