Arts & EventsProzzäk, For Yesterday and Today

Prozzäk, For Yesterday and Today

Prozzäk, For Yesterday and Today

Photos by Kamara Morozuk

Last night Algonquin College hosted Prozzäk’s second stop on their new Forever 1999 album release tour, after a twelve-year break.  The crowd was a mix of millennials who had never heard of the band before, and generation x of the late nineties and early two thousands. A few fans pieced together their best 95-2001 era attire, and the pre-show playlist kept the vibes flowing with classics from Ace of Base, Backstreet Boys and tons more.

The opener, K.I.D, is a four piece band from Mississauga who just released their second EP entitled “Poster Child”. They all possessed a super comfortable stage presence, with the lead vocals sporting some stylish sweatpants and a carefree, honest attitude. “We’re single, we’re desperate, and we have super low standards, so please stop by the merch booth for a kiss and to say hi” was one of two hilarious one-liners during their thirty minute set. Overall they obtained a west coast, California vibe that made you feel like the beach was five steps away. The young artists are definitely on the rise, so keep an eye out for them.  

With a quick turnover and some more throwbacks, the excitement began to rise again as two inflatable heads of Simon and Milo took the stage.  

An animated story began of how these fictional characters came to be, and then Jay Levine, James Bryan and Catey Shaw made their long awaited appearance.

They opened with their signature “Strange Disease” which brought most of the Ottawa fans to their feet.

There was a solid sixty or so viewers in the standing section, but the fact it was a Thursday night at the college campus theatre, most guests were sitting.

The crowd was nostalgically taken through Simon’s (aka Jay’s) sex starved and obscure social journey through his heartbreaking love life. Meanwhile Milo still rocked his devilishly handsome looks and deep baritone vocals. They debuted two new songs off the latest album. “Love Me Tinder”, is their take on today’s hookup apps while playing with Elvis’ track title Love Me Tender. And “HOT”, a Milo jam about his endless love for the opposite sex. Beachballs, and band mementos were given out to the crowd, while their classic animations projected along the back wall.

The band played a seventeen track set and ended with their top selling 1998 “Sucks To Be You”. The Forever 1999 album drops today, and their next stop is the London Music Hall before heading out west.

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