Putting kitchen costs on the chopping block

Save your kiss for the cook and not for bidding your money goodbye. Staying within budget is one of the most challenging parts of home improvement. Keeping costs in line, while not compromising dream renovation plans, sometimes seems impossible, especially when it comes to the kitchen. Luckily, there are ways to revive its design without emptying the bank. John Gordon, owner of Your Reno Guys contracting business in Ottawa, has the following suggestions on how to do it.

John's-Renos---Image5Countertop Choices
Get the granite-looking countertop you want without paying for stone by taking advantage of the endless modern laminate options. Less expensive than all other materials, laminate is made from sheets of brown paper forced together under high heat and pressure.The top layer is coated in hard plastic, creating a highly durable surface. With its recently developed advantages, there is no need to turn up your nose at laminate’s synthetic material. It is water resistant, easy to clean and has more variety than ever before with thousands of pattern and colour choices. However, if you are stuck on the idea of stone, save by using granite over quartz and thinner over thicker slabs.

John's-Renos---Image4Plan For Fewer Drawers And More Doors
Cabinets are often seen as the most important and expensive purchase made in the kitchen renovation process. When choosing a design for your remodel, consider using more doors than drawers to save a little cash. It’s about three times as much to install a stack of pull-out drawers than a cabinet of the same size with two swinging doors. If managed properly, they can provide deep storage space to camouflage whatever pots and pans are hiding inside. Although equally as effective,cabinets with doors do require extra care in terms of organization. Your wallet may be tempted to do away with drawers altogether, but they are still the most valuable and efficient method for storing smaller items like utensils.

John's-Renos---Image3Keep Styles Simple

From elaborate to modest styles, cabinet doors vary substantially in design, material and price. Make the most economic decision by sticking to the basic models. Detail costs money. When paired with the right wood, shaker-style cabinet doors are a perfect example of cost efficiency through simplicity. They are a straightforward design with a raised edge and a recessed panel in the centre. The classic use of clean lines and minimal ornamentation make them suitable for almost any home décor with the proper accessories. Try not to stray far from standard wood types either. Common cabinet materials like cherry, hickory, oak and maple are much more affordable than exotics like mahogany, ash and rosewood. You can find more home decor tips at Hardie Boys.

What other advice does Gordon have for eager kitchen renovators? Slow down.

“A kitchen is the most valuable room in a house and you can never start planning the renovation too early. It is something you want to take time with and plan ahead to feel comfortable about,” he says. “Work with a designer that is going to maximize your budget. Don’t be shy to make your budget known and stick to it. A good designer or company can become very creative to deliver the kitchen of your dreams for that price.”John's-Renos---Image2