• By: Kat Walcott

Python Programming for Beginners makes coding kid-friendly, accessible and fun

Title: Python Programming for Beginners
Author: Patricia Foster
ISBN: 978-1646113880

Is your kid interested in a career in computer programming or app development? Then Patricia Foster’s new book Python Programming for Beginners is for them!

Foster is a Carleton University graduate and software developer who has contributed to various programming books throughout the years and has now finally released a book of her own. Python Programming for Beginners is an easy-to-read guide for kids that makes computer science accessible, tangible and fun. Though the book is targeted to ages 10-14, it’s ideal for people of all ages that are new to programming or coding and want a concise and practical introduction to it.

In the first couple of chapters, Foster explains common terms used in programming, like “variable,” “input” and “output,” and the Python program itself and how to install it on your computer. This makes the guide very easy to understand and navigate – you won’t have to put the book down in the middle of reading to look up a term, all the answers are already there for you.

Chapters 3-9 each cover a different aspect of programming through a variety of beginner activities like inputting data, creating a string, adding values into a dataset, and more. Chapter 10, the final chapter, teaches you how to put everything you’ve learned together to create something super cool!

Another standout feature of this book are the colourful illustrations by Ryan Johnson. Not only are they gorgeous, but they are also inclusive – depicting boys and girls of all races. This subtle, but powerful creative decision communicates Foster’s positive message that programming is for everyone.

With kids and adults alike taking on new challenges and learning new skills during this period of time where we’re all spending more quality time at home, there couldn’t have been a better time for this book to come out. It would make a great gift this holiday season!

Python Programming for Beginners is available now in e-book format and paperback.