• By: OLM Staff

Quick tips to get better at Paladins

Tips on how to get better at Paladins have been a long time coming. I finally put them down. This write-up also covers the things I’ve learned in more than three years of playing Paladin. I must say that Battlelog.co has also been so instrumental here. Read on for tips on how to get better and Paladins and how to increase your rating.

Quick Tips to Get Better at Paladins

  1. Positioning

Ensure you have as much cover as possible and avoid open areas. Stones, walls, boxes among other several things will be handy in providing safety from attacks. Make it difficult for the opponents to hit you.

If you’re playing a champion like Cassie that has a slow fire rate, hide more behind the covers after every shot. Only walk near walls. That way, you can shield yourself from the opponents. If you’re being chased, run towards your team for help.

  1. Avoid Stagger

If your team gets killed and you’re the last man standing and chances of survival are minimal, ensure you die as soon as possible to be able to regroup with your team faster.

To do so, jump into the lava or to a ledge near you. Alternatively, avenge by trying to kill the opponents so that they overpower and kill you quickly.

  1. Stick To The Objective

Just like other related games, you only win by sticking and completing the objectives. Always be focused on helping your teams win. How do you do that? It’s simple. Don’t waste time and energy trolling the environment for kills only. Instead, also focus on making payloads and capture points.

  1. Avoid Making Excuses

Two factors that can easily make you lose. First, your teammates, and secondly, your matchmaker can give you unfair matches. Regardless of the situation, think about an aspect that you can improve about yourself.

Dishing out blames and excuses is a big mistake and a key reason why most people don’t go up the ranks. Even though you’re confident in your skills, admit you aren’t perfect and there are things you can improve about yourself.

  1. Accept Inconstancy

Truth be told, we can’t always perform at peak. There will be days when you miss almost every shot, and can’t make any good play. One can easily get frustrated by this but you have to understand that it’s human. Just accept it and ensure that frustration doesn’t spill over to days in which you play normally.

  1. Stick Together, Work Together

The adage that, together we stand, divided we fall is very practical in Paladins. Despite being a first-person shooter, it borrows a lot from other team-centered games. Being alone a wandering self-starter is not how you win it.

You only win by competently using your team’s synergy and working as a team. The map is big and may make it hard to find your teammates especially when you’re a flanker. However, it’s very important to ensure you’re never far from your teammates ready to help them in whatever they do.

  1. Cards Are Important

In addition to the shooting, Paladins integrated a unique card system. Each card has unique bonuses and the ability to cause alterations and passive buffs to characters. To reap optimal benefits from these cards, you should invest some time to understand them. Battlelog have great insightful resources and may prove to be a great place to start.

  1. Try Different Classes And Champions

While playing different classes and champions, you learn their strong and weak points. This is not only important for the pick but also for knowing which battles you can take and which to avoid.  You also know the ability of each of your team members in the long run. 

  1. Have A Positive Mindset

A positive mindset has many benefits to the players. Apart from helping in their personal development, it also ensures you don’t give up easily especially after a bad start. This helps motivate the team to play better. If you have a negative-minded player in the team, it’s good that you don’t be toxic towards them because that may cause a bad vibe in the team. Instead, say good things that might stop him from framing.

  1. Watch Pro Players

Sparing some of your precious time to watch pros tournaments can quickly get you better at Paladins. I recommend watching them on YouTube instead because it will give you a more personalized experience and also allow you to pose your questions.

The Bottom Line

Getting better at Paladins starts with the basics. Hopefully, the above quick tips will help you in that regard. For more insights, don’t hesitate to visit battlelog.co and they’ll be glad to help you.