Real Sports Bar & Grill Grand Opening: The Ottawa Chapter

Now open in Ottawa is the second Real Sports Bar & Grill in all of Canada. It is similar to the one in Toronto but has its very own elements of excellence. The opening night celebration started at 8pm on Thursday, November 15. The 14,000-square-foot sports bar was packed. Located at 90 George Street in the ByWard Market, this is the perfect location for a new, classy establishment.

The bar is two floors with the main focus an enormous TV screen surrounded by many other smaller screens. A total of 99 HD TVs! The largest screen towers over the bar which has 85+ beers on tap! Having such a large inventory practically guarantees the customer that his favorite beer is served on the premises. Along with the multifarious drink options, appetizers and snacks were served all night. There were six different sliders, oysters, wings, deep-fried macaroni and cheese, and a personal favourite: deep fried Nutella and banana sandwiches. Another decadent treat was a cascading chocolate fondue fountain surrounded by an assortment of delicious options to dip in: strawberries, marshmallows, brownies, bananas and donuts.

This intricate ice sculpture was one of the first things guests saw as they entered Real Sports Bar & Grill Ottawa for the first time. PHOTO: Denis Drever

The servers were all friendly and attentive. Watching them waltz around with trays filled with glasses in that mad swirl of activity was a spectacle in itself.

I highly recommend a visit to Real Sports Bar & Grill. It’s another milestone in Ottawa’s evolution towards becoming an exciting city where the sidewalks aren’t rolled up at 5pm.

TOP PHOTO: Denis Denver