Recycling with a Hot Twist

Fire pits bring a whole new perspective to your backyard. Instead of just green grass, flowers and the occasional potted plant, they are landscape with a purpose.

When it comes to fire pits, there’s a new player on the Canadian scene with a unique and practical “green” idea.

Realstone Granite Products proposed the idea of repurposing scrap countertop granite to make various consumer-useable products, including granite stone fire pits.

Four years ago, company founder George Glover was renovating his country home and was selecting a new granite countertop for his soon-to-be renovated kitchen. When he paid a visit to a granite countertop sales yard, he noticed the piles of granite remnants sitting around the yard.

“I asked them where the remnants went, and they told me that most of it just gets thrown away. There’s no use for it,” said Glover. “I did some research, and decided that there had to be a better use for all the granite off-cuts. And that’s when we went out and bought some equipment, found a shop and started producing granite stone fire pits.” 

A company was born.

It’s the perfect example of the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” mentality: for every fire pit built and sold, it helps divert 750 pounds of waste granite from being tossed into a landfill. And a Realstone fire pit blazing in the summer night looks a whole lot more appealing than a sprawling landfill.

Glover added: “Granite is three times stronger than concrete and it will likely last you a lifetime. We actually field test our fire pits year-round outdoors, and find that they easily withstand the harsh Canadian environment without any difficulty whatsoever.”

He also points out that purchasing one of Realstone’s products is an economical choice. They are built here in Canada, and can be shipped at economical rates across the country. Plus, you’re choosing a product that will essentially last you a lifetime, making it a one-time purchase.

Not only are they smart from a monetary standpoint, but in the sense of time as well.

Most models take less than an hour to assemble.

Beyond installation, the popular rise of gas fire pits means that starting and putting out a fire is as simple as flicking a switch.

If you’re not sure exactly what fire pit or fire table to purchase for your yard, Glover said you can send a photo to Realstone, and they’ll work alongside you, giving recommendations.

And with their wide range of models and custom options available, they’ll likely come up with something that will uniquely fit your project nicely.

“We sell our granite stone fire pits all across Canada and to the United States. Our fire pits can be found in Halifax and Vancouver, California and Connecticut — and everywhere in between.”

Whatever your outdoor project might be this summer, Realstone has what your plans are missing.

Good times and marshmallow memories await your decision.