• By: Chloë Hayes

Renowned Canadian photographer exhibit premieres at Canadian Museum of Nature

ABOVE: The Canadian Museum of Nature has partnered with award-winning photographer Michelle Valberg for their new exhibition,  Wolves! Shapeshifters in a Changing World.

Discover the fascinating history of wolves with a brand-new photography experience at Ottawa’s Nature Museum.

Premiering at the Canadian Museum of Nature for a 12-month run is the exhibition, Wolves! Shapeshifters in a Changing World. Developed by the museum, the exhibit explores the evolution and adaptations of the charismatic gray wolves through scientific research, specimens, cultural stories, video, and captivating images by renowned wildlife photographer, Nikon Ambassador to Canada, and the first Canadian Geographic Photographer-In-Residence Michelle Valberg.

Widely regarded as fearsome predators, wolves have remarkable qualities that Valberg’s photos showcase, such as intelligence, resilience, and their role in cultures worldwide.

Anchoring the exhibition is a captivating presentation of 11 40’x60’ photographs sublimated on ChromaLuxe metal sheets to achieve unparalleled colour, detail, and vibrancy. The images were printed care of WallSizzle by Miller McConnell Signs and are being donated to the Museum of Nature by Craig McConnell and Michelle Valberg.

“As a wildlife photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing images of some of the world’s most beautiful and elusive creatures. Like many people, wolves have long captivated my imagination. They have been the subject of countless myths, legends, and stories throughout human history,” Valberg said.

ChromaLuxe is a print media used by photographers all over the world to bring photos to life. “Every detail of the wolves is shown to its fullest, and these great creatures are brought to life right before your eyes,” said Kristina Lowe of ChromaLuxe, thrilled to be in partnership with Valberg.

The Wolves! exhibition has been tremendously popular with museum visitors so far, according to Anne Botman, Director of Content at the Canadian Museum of Nature. “For many people, wolves already hold a certain mystique and attraction. Michelle Valberg’s stunning images really bring visitors face to face and almost in direct contact with these magnetic animals in a truly special way.”

As life returns closer to normal after the pandemic, 2023 promises excitement and discovery at the Canadian Museum of Nature. During March Break, kids enjoyed wolf-focused hands-on activities, from paw-print clay modelling to canine guessing games and more interactive wolf activities. Beyond the thrill of an all-new exhibition on wolves, Nature Nocturne, a themed evening for adults, will make a highly anticipated return. In the Summer (starting May 19), Under the Canopy, an immersive exhibition, will welcome guests to meet live rainforest creatures.

Admission to Wolves! Shape-Shifters in a Changing World is included with general admission. The exhibit will run until March 18, 2024.

“The howl of a wolf represents a sense of community and togetherness. It is a reminder that we are all part of something greater than ourselves and that we must work together to protect our planet and its wildlife.” – Michelle Valberg, C.M.

For more information, visit Wolves Shapeshifters in a Changing World (nature.ca)

Photos: Courtesy CMN