• By: Keith Whittier

Resolve for a Stress-Free New Year

The new year is here. Christmas trees line the curb, bobbles and lights are stored away for next year and just like that, 2015 is in full swing.

Getting back into our busy routines can be a jolt to the system. Regaining a productive mentality after the luxuriously lazy holidays can be stressful, and new-found resolutions weighing on our shoulders don’t help matters.

Exhaustion and stress tend to take a toll on how we look and feel.

This year, de-stress and look your best! Read on for our tips to looking and feeling your best in 2015!

Take advantage of ‘me-time’

Don’t feel guilty about indulging in some much-needed ‘me-time.’ Whatever you prefer to do with your personal time, enjoy it and savour every moment. Maybe it’s going for a walk, working out, enjoying an at-home spa-night or vegging out in front of the TV. Take those few fleeting minutes to relax, clear your head and unwind.EssentialRadianceBodyWash

You can even think of showering as me-time. We all have to do it, right?

Prepare yourself for the busy days ahead with a relaxing morning shower. The Essential Radiance Body Wash from Skinn Cosmetics is chock-full of natural, soothing ingredients including lemon, green tea and pink jasmine to gently cleanse and condition the skin. Free of harsh detergents that dry out and irritate the skin, the Essential Radiance formula leaves skin feeling incredibly soft, hydrated and lingering with a subtle floral scent. The perfect way to start the day in the midst of post-holiday chaos.

Complexion perfection

When yoB2eautyFlashu’re exhausted, your skin will show it first. To look your best, focus on your complexion above anything else.

Some of our tips for a radiant complexion? Splurge on a facial, do an at-home deep cleansing facemask, exfoliate regularly and use cosmetic products that leave your skin looking fresh and clear.

The multi-purpose Beauty Flash from Skinn Cosmetics is a great product to use on special occasions to amp up your complexion. The paraben-free formula features vitamin-rich, lightweight ingredients for a refreshing, skin-tightening feel. It contains high performing powders that optimize soft focus, light diffusion and wrinkle correction for a flawless matte effect. The active complex ingredients work to eliminate the visible signs of stress and provide long-lasting hydration. This extra step in your makeup routine will give you that naturally radiant complexion we’re all after!

Sun kissed is best

I don’t kne2ssentialradianceow about you, but I always feel my best rocking a tan. Having a little colour is energizing inside and out.

This may not be scientifically proven, but having a little colour helps me combat the winter blues that come with the gloomy 4 p.m. sunset and mind-numbingly cold temperatures.

You may not be heading south, but the Skinn Cosmetics Collagenesis Essential Radiance Bronzing Body Oil will give you a naturally sun kissed glow. The formula blends naturally nourishing botanical oils to help target dehydrated skin, leaving skin rejuvenated and silky smooth. Forego the bronzers that leave you with a fake, orange tint. This product delivers the best of both worlds with anti-aging benefits, intense hydration as well as a luminous tanned finish.

Go bold

Last but not least, mix up your makeup routine and go bold in 2015.Hollywood_Berry_PR_hirez

Smokey eyes, contoured cheeks or a bright lip are on-trend for the season. Choose one and keep the other features subtle. You want to wear your look; your look should not wear you!

The Skinn Hollywood Lip Party Palette is a must-have for creating a bold and bright berry pout. With six shades to custom blend the perfect colour to match any skin tone, you can create the perfect look for you. The creamy, moisture-rich formula combats the dry, chapped lips we all suffer with in the winter months.

We hope these tips will help you look and feel your best as we embark into the new year!

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