• By: OLM Staff

Riceberry — a whole grain rice that’s a whole lot of delicious

Full of antioxidants, Riceberry is a hybrid rice developed in Thailand that has a beautiful rich purple hue. Thailand produces tens of thousands of varieties of rice but Riceberry's nutrient-dense qualities and nutty flavour has made it popular around the world. 

The distinctive colour is from a naturally occurring flavonoid pigment that is known to have antioxiant properties. In addition, Riceberry is a whole grain rice. What that mean for you is that it is a healthy complex carbohydrate. The bran and germ in Thai Riceberry Rice has not been milled off so it is high in fibre and bran oil which are known to aid digestion, lower blood cholesterol as well as glucose levels. 

If you love to eat rice, then make it Riceberry. It has a high concentration of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin B1, iron, and omega 3 at much higher levels than in other types of rice. Best of all, it cooks up like regular white rice — simply rinse the rice and prepare it in a pot, rice cooker or pressure cooker with 1 part rice to 1.5 parts water.

With an exceptionally fragrant aroma, slightly nutty flavour and smooth texture, Thai Riceberry Rice can be substituted for jasmine or white rice in many meals both in Thai Cuisine and beyond. In addition to rice-based dishes such as sweet sticky rice, congee and rice salad, Riceberry Rice is a beautiful and colourful accompaniment to a multitude of dishes, making this nutrient-packed grain versatile.

Where to Find
The various brands of Riceberry Rice are available in many chain groceries, health food stores and online outlets nationwide.