• By: OLM Staff

Rising country music star, “B”, releases her new single “Too Little Too Late”

Photo credit: Sean Sisk

I had the pleasure to sit down with local country vocal powerhouse “B”, to talk about her upcoming release and plans for the future.

Ottawa Life: Hello B! Tell us a little about your artist background and when you decided to do country music as a career?

B: As a young girl I was always singing country music and some pop whether it was In the back of my parents car, in the house or just whenever I could. At a young age my parents decided to put me in singing lessons and from there I decided I loved country music. When I turned 16 I decided that I wanted to pursue my music as more of a career instead of just something I did for fun.

What advice would you give a new artist looking to take the next step?

No matter what anyone says, you can do anything you put your mind to with a little strength and courage. One of the great things I’ve taken away from working with Artist Alliance is that if you work harder than everyone else around you and you have a great plan in place, you can move mountains.

What are your thoughts on the state of the country music industry?

I personally believe that every time someone puts out a song they find a new and exciting way to change country and help it grow. I do believe that we are falling more into the pop side of things but sometimes it works.

Tell us about your current endeavor and why now? What does the next year look like for you?

It’s been crazy! I’ve been learning so much about the industry and about myself too. Being in the Artist Alliance studio, building business plans alongside Jason and his team and talking to other artists has really helped me on this journey and has shown me what I can do if I keep putting my all into this. I chose now because my life has been very quiet and I personally felt ready to jump into the industry at full force and take my career into my own hands. My next year looks like more shows, growing my fan base and releasing my new song “Too Little Too Late” into the world.

Tell us about the new music you’ll be doing and when we can expect to hear it?

My new music is very different than the music I’ve put out in the past, this single is more of a ballad instead of a motivational “pump-up” song. It was written by songwriter/producer Jason Wilkinson of Artist Alliance and 2018 CCMA Producer of the year nominee Dan Swinimer. I have been diving deep into new types of country and have really been trying to change the sound of my music every time I put something out..

What are your thoughts on the DIY generation in regards to home recording, handling your own marketing, building your own website vs getting pros that do this everyday to handle those aspects?

Creating and being a musician is expensive and can rack up money very easily, by handling things on your own you can cut costs down and really manage your career in a different way. I also believe that if you have the power to do that stuff on your own do it but then eventually use a professional. People who do certain things for a living are always going to be better in the end cause it’s what they do!

You can catch “B” in her live debut for her single launch party at The Lonestar Loft on Sept 20th, 2019. Doors open at 8pm.