• By: Allen Brown

Role of Major Sports Leagues in Canadian Betting

Major sports leagues have a huge influence over sports betting in Canadian betting. Whether the league is governed in Canada or the US, it is down to the sports betting committee behind the sports leagues to regulate which betting markets citizens can place wagers on and oversee ethical and responsible gambling practices as well as the types of sports betting markets available.

Influencing Sports Integrity

Preventing match-fixing by teams, managers, and/or individual players who seek financial gains by throwing games or giving inside tips to friends or family is key to major sports league integrity. One of the issues with allowing betting in sports is the temptation for those competing in a particular sport to spoil the integrity of a game for personal greed. Unfortunately, where there is money involved there is temptation. This ruins the game for fans and the reputation of the league.

Leagues safeguard the integrity of their sports by implementing controls around match-fixing using several techniques. The leagues have a huge budget to implement software and experts that monitor for suspicious patterns. All this is achieved through constructive regulation by collaborating with the government, leagues, regularity authorities, and operators.

Influence over Responsible Gambling

One of the most noticeable influences from major sports leagues in Canadian betting is how the leagues work closely with authorities to promote responsible gambling. This includes preventing betting on sports games in which minors compete and preventing minors from placing sports bets online. Most licensing authorities also insist that sports betting platforms add responsible gambling tools so players can set daily, weekly, and monthly betting and loss limits. Other tools include self-exclusion so members of sports books can self-exclude from real money sports betting.

Major sports betting platforms include responsible gambling tools!

All trusted platforms operating under the Malta Gaming Authroity (MGA) and the Ontario iGaming licensing that host sport betting Canada sections on their sportsbook will include these responsible gambling tools

Influencing Betting Markets Available

Even the major leagues in the US influence Canadian sports betting. For example, back in 2020, the major sports leagues in the US influenced single-game sports betting in Canada. Commissioners from major leagues like the NBA, NHL, and NLS had their say in whether single-game sports betting should be allowed in the US. These leagues backed the Canadian federal government in a bid to regulate single-game betting in Canada.

Single betting sports amendment opened the doors to larger revenues!

US major leagues’ influential support for single-game betting influenced an amendment to Canada’s federal laws.

The move meant Canadian sports books could create more diverse betting options for Canadian sports betting fans, influencing increased revenues for land-based retail and online gambling entertainment establishments.

Not only did the approval of single sports betting in Canada offer a wider array of betting options for Canadian sports betting fans, but it also increased fan engagement in major league sports by attracting more Canadians to tune into the games. Inevitably, more Canadians would back teams in Canada competing in major league sports within the USA.

Live streams on sports books gained higher viewer ratings as sports bettors would enjoy watching sports and have the thrill of cheering on bets they’d placed.

Teams like the Toronto Raptors, an incredibly successful Major League Basketball (NBA) team, and the Toronto Blue Jays competing in the Major League Base (MLB) have gained a larger fan base and higher broadcasting viewership. Also, several Canadian hockey teams are in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Teams competing in the US major leagues benefit from a larger viewer base as they gain exposure to both US and Canadian fanbases.

Major Sports Leagues Vested Interest in Canadian Sports Betting

Sports integrity, responsible gambling, and betting markets are just the tip of the iceberg regarding the influence of major sports leagues over sports betting in Canada. Other areas in major sports leagues that influence sports betting are partnerships, advertising, and promotions. However, the three components covered here are the most important. At the top of the list is integrity. Not everyone bets on sports, and match-fixing influenced by financial gain via sports betting can ruin the game for passionate gains, hence integrity is a key focus.


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