• By: OLM Staff

Safe by HUB6 – Smart Security System

Moms are usually concerned about the safety of the family and protecting the home while being away is something they worry about. Today, home security systems charge ridiculous monthly fees for services that provide questionable protection. Safe by HUB6 uses the security system hardware you already have and frees you from long-term contracts and monthly fees. It redirects any alerts triggered by your system to your phone, friend, or HUB6's professional monitoring when you need a back-up.

With the Safe by HUB6  you can build a safer, smarter community that looks out for each other by inviting your neighbors to receive alerts on their phone. They’ll be notified if an alarm is triggered. They can clear it or call 911 on your behalf.

The free app allows you to check the status of your home, control your alarm system, and get instant alerts when your system is armed or disarmed. It also redirects your alerts to a trusted neighbor if you won't be available to respond to an emergency, and it is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Nest, and IFTTT.  You can connect an unlimited number of smartphones to one Safe by HUB6  through the HUB6 app.

To set up additional users, the new user must first download and setup the app on their device. Then, open the app on your own device and click the "More" option. Click "Device”, select the premise's name, and click “Add user”.

When you open your new Safe by HUB6  kit, you’ll find everything you need to get started such as installation guide and extension wires as well as pliers and a flathead screwdriver.