Sandy Hill Profile

Photo credit: Creative Commons and Anne Dion

The streets of Sandy Hill are the official stomping ground, and designated area for the students at the University of Ottawa. Located next to Lowertown, in-between Overbrook and The Market. If you have had the pleasure of living in this neighbourhood, or even just passing through at sundown, then you’ve probably heard the roar of partying that takes place in these parts. If you are a student at U of O, Sandy Hill is the prime spot to be.

There are tons of fellow students that live in the area, it’s affordable, close to the university, close to everything in The Market, and of course, a hub of interesting and fun people. Best of all, Sandy Hill is home to a number of bars and pubs that have some of the best drink deals, made especially for students.

Aside from being an excellent spot for the young and fun, Sandy Hill is simply a pleasure to look at. Old homes, big trees, and the Rideau River make this neighbourhood inarguably charming. Since the student-takeover of Sandy Hill, some of the older buildings have been demolished and replaced with shiny new ones, giving this neighbourhood a quirky and colourful variety of homes. Overall, Sandy Hill is a site to see, a walkers paradise, and an absolute haven for students.

What’s not to love?