• By: Katie Hartai

Sarah MacDougall: poetic songs from Canada’s North

Canada’s own northern star is shining bright from the humble community of Whitehorse, Yukon. Nestled within the magnificent landscape and vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle of the city is singer-songwriter Sarah MacDougall. She is gearing up to release her new album Grand Canyon.

“I am excited to share it with the world,” MacDougall explains. “They are all songs that really mean something to me.”

With a scheduled release date of February 24, MacDougall’s album features eight new songs, including the single I Want To See The Light (Lost From Our Eyes) with special guest Erika Angell from Thus Owls. It is an emotional piece about an event in her hometown of Malmo, Sweden, where a man terrorized the city for a month by shooting dark-haired people at night. Unarguably, only could MacDougall’s unique voice and talented songwriting skills make such a traumatic event into a musical masterpiece.

“The themes on the record are inspired by my own experiences, by people around me and the landscapes I am surrounded by,” the artist says. “I get inspired by how much it takes to live an inspired life despite all the chaos and struggles around us.”

SarahMacDougall_GrandCanyon-AlbumCoverArt-2The Canadian/Swedish artist built a reputation for herself since the release of her first album in 2009. She is described by Belgium magazine, Rootstime, as One of the greatest talents of our era.Her music has been featured twice as onboard entertainment for Lufthansa airplanes, and it has been used by Roots Canada in an advertisement. She was also a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting competition with her song Crow’s Lament. Many more raving reviews and exciting opportunities can be expected to come for MacDougall with the release of her new music next month.

“What seems to get the most compliments is my voice,” MacDougall humbly admits.

MacDougall will support the release of Grand Canyon with a solo tour. Her opening night is on the Fourth Stage at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre on Feb. 14. The following months she will perform for audiences in other areas of Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and even venture overseas for concerts in England and France.

“I am really excited about the show at the National Arts Centre on the 14th,” MacDougall explains. “There may just be some Valentine’s Day surprises!”

MacDougall’s new album can be pre-ordered online or purchased on iTunes next month. Details about the upcoming tour can be found on her website.