Savour serenity with Loakers

Stress is highly prevalent in many Canadian’s lives. Nine out of ten adults ages 18 to 34 crave more time to relax and unwind as their stress levels are rising. Two thirds of young adults feel more stressed this year than the last. As Canadians struggle to balance work and personal time, Loacker, the Italian heritage brand specializing in biscuits and wafers, has made their mission to help Canadians ease their anxiety.

Since 1925, Loacker has been known for wholesome natural goodness with the highest quality ingredients combined in a delicious wafer. Founded by Alfons Loacker, the family business grew over the last 90 years from a small, regional pastry shop in Bolzano, to a world-famous brand, whose products inspire in over 100 countries. All Loacker products are still currently made at the foot of the Dolomites, producing sweets without additional flavourings and preservatives.

“Like Canadians, at Loacker we are passionate about the provenance and quality of ingredients,” says Andreas Loacker, grandson of the company founder Alfons Loacker and responsible for research and development. “Our Loacker Recipe Inspirations are designed to celebrate this shared passion and commitment to quality – and to sharing a moment of pure goodness with loved ones. The purest enjoyment of all.”

This year’s Savour Serenity Survey, conducted by Maru/Blue on behalf of Loacker, reveals that more than half of Canadians experience more stress this year than the last, and nearly three in four Canadians wish they had more time for relaxation.

Fortunately, Loacker offers a simple inspiration to help Canadians Savour Serenity every day and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Canadians say that they can relax and unwind with a coffee, a biscuit and some chocolate, Loacker encourages Canadians to carve out a moment for themselves with its brand-new Double Chocolate wafers and assortment of premium wafer biscuits.

With Loackers biscuits and wafers, Canadians can decrease their stress levels whilst increasing time spent relaxing.

The Loacker Savour Serenity Survey also reveals that 56 per cent of Canadians say spending time with loved ones is a favourite way to destress. One in three Canadians ease anxieties by cooking at home. To help Canadians find a moment of serenity and share a meal with loved ones, Loacker has gathered recipes featuring wafer cookies to make with the family.

Loacker products can be used in the following sweets:

Nanaimo Bars: Chocolate wafer biscuits are flaked into the crust of this quintessential west coast dish, adding even more of the flavour Canadians know and love!

Maple Sugar Bars: Canadian through-and-through, this recipe adds maple and a light wafer crunch to the classic tarte au sucre.

S’mores Brownies: Inspired by summer at the cottage, layers of marshmallow, crisp wafer biscuits and chocolate combine for this take on a nostalgic treat – no campfire necessary!

While baking with loved ones, Canadians stress can be relieved, giving the chance to try tasty new tweets!

Though stress and anxiety can be troublesome and cause the loss of joy in daily life, there are many ways to ease worries and begin the process of relaxation. With the help of Loacker, Canadians can spend time with their loved ones, and sit back and relax. Loackers products are a great contributor in relieving anxiety and are a key ingredient in the process of relaxation.