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Silk & Snow has the Best Mattress in Canada for a Sound Sleep

The most important ingredient for sound sleep is a great mattress. We’ve tested Silk & Snow’s award-winning S&S Mattress and can confidently say it is the best mattress currently available in Canada.

Since 2017, Silk & Snow has provided customers across Canada and the United States with high-quality mattresses designed to fulfill the promise of a better sleep. 

We decided to measure the S&S Mattress, Silk & Snow’s original memory foam model, against consumer expectations to see how it would deliver on the promise of a comfortable, rejuvenating sleep.

Billed as a ‘Premium Mattress with Luxurious Features,’ the S&S Mattress is made in Canada using advanced construction and high-quality materials by skilled Canadian craftspeople, using the highest-quality foam and textiles sourced from leading Canadian manufacturers. It features a 1.8 lb premium support layer that provides a durable foundation under  3 layers of open-cell premium high-density memory foam infused with cooling gel that provides pressure relief and support for your body. The motion-isolating foam in the mattress allows for you and a partner to sleep on the bed without feeling each other’s movement while sleeping. It has a 360-degree zipper making the antimicrobial cover easy to remove and machine washable to help prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Silk & Snow Mattresses


S&S Mattress foams and fabrics are produced by manufacturers in Toronto, Ontario who are committed to using recycled materials and new technologies that use less energy to produce superior products with less waste. The sewing for the S&S Mattress is done by an artisanal quilting company.

Over the past several years, Ottawa Life Magazine has reviewed numerous mattresses for various stories. Consumers prioritize several key factors when selecting a mattress:

Comfort: This aspect is subjective and varies from person to person, but generally, individuals seek a mattress that feels comfortable and supportive to them. The S&S provides an ideal comfort level for most sleepers, boasting 4lb of memory foam to relieve pressure from key points of the body for immediate relaxation.

Support: A mattress should offer proper support for the body’s natural alignment, particularly for the spine and joints. The S&S mattress offers 1.8lb of transitional performance foam which promotes spinal alignment, and responds to the natural curvature of the body.

Durability: People desire a mattress that will maintain its shape and supportiveness for years to come. The S&S mattress offers an additional 1.8lb of premium support foam designed to prevent sagging and continue to support sleepers for years to come. Additionally, the mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, a testament to the brand’s confidence in the product’s ability to withstand the test of time.

Motion Isolation: For couples or those sharing a bed, it’s crucial that the mattress minimizes motion transfer, preventing one person’s movements from disturbing the other’s sleep. The S&S Mattress’s performance foam impresses with its motion absorption. In our tests, we found you can place a cup of coffee on one side of the mattress and jump on the other side without experiencing any spillage.

Temperature Regulation: Many individuals prefer mattresses that aid in regulating body temperature, ensuring comfort during both hot summers and chilly winters. The S&S Mattress is crafted with PolarAir Foam, a dense 4lb memory foam infused with cooling gel that quickly dissipates heat and regulates the temperature across the mattress. You’ll always wake up on the cool side of the bed!

Price: Affordability plays a significant role in the mattress selection process, as consumers strive to balance quality with cost. The S&S mattress starts at $600 for a Twin and goes up to $900 for a King or Cal King. Considering the high-quality materials and performance of the mattress, this is a true example of accessible luxury.

Based on these factors, we conclude that the Silk & Snow Mattress stands out as the best mattress currently available in Canada.

For more info on the S&S Hybrid Mattress, visit www.silkandsnow.com

Silk & Snow Mattresses

Silk & Snow Mattresses cater to diverse consumer needs, offering a range of products tailored to individual preferences. Whether you favour the classic support of the S&S Mattress, the hybrid technology of the Hybrid, or the eco-friendly design of the Organic, Silk & Snow has a solution to elevate your sleep experience to new heights.

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