Simple Steps to Maintaining Your Curly Hair

By: Michael Sanduso 

Curly hair is quite beautiful, but it can also be a pain to maintain properly. Finding the right brand of curly hair cream is a good start, as it can provide the level of moisture and nutrients you need in order to keep your hair looking lush and brilliant. However, there are other steps you should take as well. Follow the tips below to maintain your curly hair and leave it looking its very best.

Frequent Conditioning

The biggest need that any head full of curly hair has is constant conditioning. Curly hair runs a higher risk of drying out and breaking than straight hair, so finding a good conditioner that can prevent this is absolutely necessary. Ideally, you should seek out a reliable cream for curly hair that can hydrate and moisturize. Feel free to experiment with different brands, as finding the right brand for you is the first step to making sure that your hair has the volume and long-lasting condition that you are looking for. Once you find the cream that works right for you, make sure you keep it well-stocked. While you don’t necessarily have to use it every day, you definitely don’t want to go long without it.

Limited Shampooing

While conditioning your hair is an important way to make sure that it keeps its hydration and volume, shampooing is less essential. Curly hair tends to be drier than straight hair, and this means that frequent shampooing can dry it out even further. Instead of shampooing every day, try to limit your shampoos to only once or twice a week. This will limit the amount of moisture your hair loses, even if you still shower regularly. You should also keep in mind that curly hair is prone to tangling after showers. Do make sure to brush those tangles out, but do so gently to avoid causing any breakage or damage to your hair.

Paying Attention to Your Hair’s Feel

People who live with curly hair day in and day out realize that they need to pay special attention to the way their hair feels in order to keep any damage from becoming unmanageable. Take note of when your hair feels dry or damaged. If it feels worse than normal, you might want to try deep conditioning to help rejuvenate it. This involves placing your curly hair cream on your head and then putting on a shower cap. You can then proceed to shower normally, allowing the steam and moisture from the shower to build up inside the cap. That extra moisture goes directly to your hair, which replenishes its moisture and leaves it feeling like new again.

Curly hair is a great look for a lot of people, but it does require a little extra maintenance to keep it feeling fresh and hydrated. By following the advice above and using the proper curly hair cream, you can make sure that your hair feels s great as it looks every single day of your life.

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