Skin Care Tips for Winter

Since we live in Ottawa, we all know the winters here are unforgiving. This is why it’s important that we not only take care of our health, but also the most vulnerable part of us: our skin. This is a part that is constantly exposed to the outside elements, so it’s important that we protect and nourish it. It's absolutely necessary that we take care of our skin and give it the attention that it needs. With misumi skincare this job is made easier and more accessible than ever before. All you need to do is research here and there and apply new strategies to your skincare routine! This is why today, we are focusing on how to keep your skin healthy during Ottawa’s long winter months, and why it is so important.

I know it can also be difficult to commute in this unpredictable, so it can also be done at the comfort of your home with the ingredients only a few steps away in your kitchen!

What happens to your skin in winter:

Since temperatures drop in the winter, the air gets stripped of moisture. This takes toll on your skin, resulting the outer layer to become very dry, cracked, chapped and flaky, due to the lack of hydration. When your skin loses moisture, it loses the ability to protect itself, which leaves it vulnerable to breakouts and inflammations. The products you use in the summer are lightweight, due to your skin retaining its moisture from the heat outside. However, the properties they consist of are not enough to use in the winter to create the protective barrier against the elements, so time to switch things up!

I have very sensitive skin, so I get careful with what I am using, and need to be aware of the ingredients. You should always know which products work with your skin type!

Use a cream or oil based cleanser

The most popular cleansers usually used are gel and foam based, which penetrate deeper into our skin. Using them in the winter can be harsher for our skin, since they can potentially strip out your natural oils, which are essential to protect your skin. If your skin is sensitive or the dry type, would be better to to switch up to oil and cream based cleansers, since they already have moisture built into them and are gentle.

My personal favourite is the Vitamin E Gentle cleanser from the Body Shop. This is a gentle cream based cleanser enriched with vitamin E, and wheat germ oil which is the moisturizing aspect of it. It removing the impurities while retaining the moisture, without drying it out. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that’s ideal for strength, which can protect your skin against the cold air. 

Remember to Moisturize!

I moisturize twice a day. Once before heading outside for protection, and before bedtime after cleansing to retain moisture. It’s important to switch your lightweight moisturizer to a richer cream based one, as it penetrates deeper into your skin to keep it hydrated. This helps to keep its protective barrier by locking in the moisture.

I use “Skin Drink,” from LUSH. It is packed with natural nourishing ingredients, such as rose petal extract, avocado and aloe vera. It not only moisturizes, but soothes your skin at the same time, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Having trouble choosing a remedy that's right for you? The Independent Pharmacy offers expert advice on remedies that are right for your skin condition. 

Drink lots of Water!

I know this sounds cliche, but usually your skin is a reflection of what’s happening inside your body. In the winter, it is essential to keep hydrated as there is dryness everywhere, even inside with heating. Since you lose hydration, you need to increase your water intake so you can retain hydration, which will also appear on your skin. It helps keeping your skin cells hydrated, which prevents it from cracking or chapping.

The ideal amount is 8-12 glasses a day!

Use hydrating ingredients for DIY face masks!

You can find these everyday ingredients only a few steps away in your kitchen! I’ve found that banana, honey, avocado and olive oil are the ideal natural ingredients for DIY remedies for winter. They have properties that deeply moisturize your skin for the rest of the day, leaving it soft and supple. Using them once a week is enough to restore hydration, while rejuvenating your skin at the same time for a healthy glow.

My favourite combination is honey, banana and olive oil, combined with what oats. Oatmeal contain antioxidants that help repair skin damage, which moisturize at the same time. This makes it an ideal recipe for healing and moisturizing your skin for winter!

Stay healthy!