Smoking Cessation Program at Dalewood Health Clinic

Nicotine Dependence

While the percentage of North American Adults who are dependent of nicotine use and still smoking is on a decline in 2017, there are still many Canadian Adults looking for a way to quit their poor habit. Dalewood Health is dedicated to offering tools, support and personalized programs for smokers that wish to quit or reduce their tobacco use.

Tobacco use and cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in North America. Smoking causes increased health risks and smokers are more likely than non-smokers to develop stroke, heart disease and lung cancer among other dangerous diseases. While most individuals believe that smoking tobacco can only cause lung cancer, smoking has also been linked to several other cancers including stomach, pancreas, liver, cervix, blood and bladder to name a few. The dangers of smoking and tobacco is not something new to report, however by quitting smoking you will be reducing your risk of these diseases in just a few years! It is not too late to make a change to dedicate yourself to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

The financial burden of smoking has begun to cost Canadians even more in recent years as several tax increases have been made to try to encourage Canadians to quit smoking. In April of 2017, smokers in the province of Ontario were shocked that a $2 price hike per carton had been implemented by the government. This is expected to increase to $10 more per carton by 2020. While this tax hike may encourage smokers to explore contraband tobacco, the Canadian government is hoping that this tax increase will deter Canadians from smoking altogether.

Dalewood Health Clinic offers numerous tools and programs to help you on your goal of quitting smoking. It is important for us to note that The Dalewood Health Clinic also provides service to clients with concurrent substance use and/or mental illness as well other medical conditions.

Treatment at Dalewood Health Centre Include:

A psycho-education session on how to develop a quit plan

  • Weekly ongoing support groups
  • Workshops on various topics such as nutrition, physical activity and other topics promoting overall health
  • Consultation with a physician, nurse and/or pharmacist specializing in tobacco cessation

You will meet with one of Dalewood Health’s certified therapists to complete an initial assessment and then will work together to develop a personalized treatment plan. Your specific treatment plan may include smoking cessation medications, workshops and could also include group counselling to allow you to discuss your lifestyle and goals with others within your community. As there are numerous Dalewood Health Centers across Canada, you can choose to be within your specific community or venture to another city should you prefer to do so. The options are endless and you will never feel obliged to take part in any treatment plan you do not feel comfortable with. The Dalewood Health Centre’s staff is dedicated to ensuring your overall happiness and success throughout your customized journey.

As you choice to quit smoking or reducing your nicotine intake is a health choice, The Dalewood Health Clinic will suggest teaming your goal of quitting smoking with other programs such as nutritional guidance in the form of a personalized nutrition program, or a personalized exercise of fitness program. By replacing the desire to smoke with creating a healthy meal or working on a fitness goal, you will be replacing the need to smoke with the need to feed your body with something a healthy choice instead. The trained and certified health care professionals and coaches at Dalewood Health will assist you in designing a personalized program so that anyone at any health level will be able to begin at the right place and set realistic and achievable goals.

While some individuals are able to cut smoking cold turkey, others require a more gradual reduction in nicotine use which is why the Dalewood Health professionals believe that an individualized and personalized approach creates the best results for their patients. Most of their patients have not only been able to achieve their goal of quitting smoking but they have also created much healthier habits which support their new, happier and healthier lifestyle post treatment at the clinic. Many patients even go on to sign up for additional services which continue past their smoking cessation program to working with their certified dietitians and nutritionists in house or even enrolling in their personalized exercise and fitness programs at Dalewood Health.

Another reason why we feel like this is the right treatment plan for anyone looking to reduce their tobacco use and eliminate their smoking habit is that no referral is required for any of the Dalewood Health Centre’s programs and we encourage you to call them immediately to book your first consultation and get on the path to recovery asap!