Sno-Fest and Salmon Suppers in Campbellton

The historical Campbellton, NB, is situated on the picturesque Restigouche River, just opposite of Point-a-la-Croix, Quebec. Established in 1889, there is just so much to see and do in Campbellton!

The Campbellton waterfront boasts many year-round attractions. During your stay, visit Salmon Plaza and enjoy lunch in one of the Plaza’s many cafes and eateries. Don’t forget to take your photo with local-legend Restigouche Sam, a stunning 8.5 meter-tall stainless steel salmon!

RiverainCampbellton Sno-Fest is the region’s weekend winter celebration, offering up an abundance of snow sculptures by local artists, as well as sleigh rides, dogsled rides, tube sliding, ice-skating, family activities, fireworks, snowman building and so much more! Dance the night away with Sno-Fest Night Life while enjoying the hospitality of local venues and musical talent.

As warmer weather prevails, you do not want to miss the weeklong Campbellton Salmon Festival. The Festival is an annual celebration of the world-famous Restigouche salmon, and it is one of New Brunswick’s longest running community festivals. Bask in the Festival’s Canada Day celebration with a giant fireworks display, witness an action-packed road race and enjoy the entertainment of live bands and a carnival. Make sure to take advantage of the Festival’s salmon suppers, too.Sugarloaf Bike Park - Online 1

If you love music, The Campbellton Bluegrass Festival is the place to be. A summer weekend full of incredible Bluegrass music, you can expect to enjoy the sounds of local talent, as well as some top-notch visiting bands. Set up camp along the shores of the Restigouche River and take a hike on the stunning Appalachian Mountain Range.

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