• By: Dave Gross

Social media pushes the envelope, for once

The days of turning a blind eye are over.

If there is one good thing about social media – and there really is not much, truly – it’s that information and deplorable, inappropriate behaviors can no longer be swept under the rug. (Ask certain characters currently in public office).

When the John Doe situation first arose publicly more than a week ago, the thing went full-throttle viral.

When John Doe came forward and identified himself as Kyle Beach, the social-media networks exploded.

Information came flowing out. Quickly.

Response and action followed. Quickly.

Much of the credit has to go to TSN’s exemplary reporter Rick Westhead who dug and dug – as he does unwaveringly with all his work – and eventually landed that gripping, heart-wrenching and sometimes horrifying interview with Beach.

The chips started to tumble in the Beach case in rapid fashion. Once news hit the Internet and was thrust with a jagged point into the public eye, the response followed. Stan Bowman was ousted as general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks; Joel Quenneville was lifted as the coach of the Florida Panthers (he was running the show in Chicago when the incidents reportedly took place); Donald Fehr is now under the microscope as chief of the NHL Players’ Association.

“I think guys want answers,” said New York Ranger defenceman Jacob Trouba to the New York Post. “I think players want to know what happened, where the shortcomings were with the PA. Obviously a lot of breakdowns in the situation on a lot of different parts.

“But what could the PA have done better to prevent (what happened to Beach) from happening?”

Fehr, according to the 107-page report generated through an independent investigation, was contacted twice about allegations against Brad Aldrich, the alleged perpetrator. Fehr told investigators he did not remember those conversations.

“I believe two different people talked to Don Fehr,” Beach said. “And for him to turn his back on the players when his one job is to protect the players at all costs, I don’t know how that can be your leader.”

As of this writing, Fehr’s future with the ‘PA was unknown although action was being taken.

One thought that rings true: Once this issue was released, there was no slowing resolutions down.

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