• By: Dan Donovan

“Sonix and Other Tonix” – Jan Järvlepp is a Dynamic Innovator in Ottawa’s Music Scene

Looking to shake up your music playlist? Local composer Jan Järvlepp has you covered with his latest release, Sonix and Other Tonix. This collection of vibrant chamber works offers a refreshing departure from the ordinary, delivering a dynamic mix of styles and themes that will please listeners across multiple music genres.

Järvlepp is a musical innovator, and his willingness to experiment with unconventional instrument combinations continues to captivate audiences and push the boundaries of classical music in Ottawa and beyond.

With its eclectic blend of compositions, each offering its own unique flavour, Sonix and Other Tonix breaks free from the constraints of traditional norms. Järvlepp seamlessly fuses European and American influences to create a sound that bridges classical elegance with the energy of rock and jazz rhythms. From intricate structures to contemporary melodies, his compositions offer a fresh perspective for both classical enthusiasts and pop music aficionados seeking something new.

Järvlepp’s background as a member of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra and experience as a freelance cellist, composer, teacher, and recording technician all come together in Sonix and Other Tonix. His versatility shines through in pieces like Sonix, Shinkasen and Insect Dance, where the influence of world music adds depth and richness to his soundscapes.

Järvlepp has a reputation for embracing a postmodern style. He has mixed his compositions with elements of Hispanic, Arab, and Nordic folk music. The result is a diverse repertoire of multiple Järvlepp works spanning solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra, and electronic compositions.

Järvlepp’s orchestral accomplishments include contributions to the BIS CD-1052 The Garbage Concerto, featuring the Singapore Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lan Shui alongside the Kroumata Percussion Ensemble. In 2020, Navona Records released Concerto 2000, further highlighting Järvlepp’s mastery with performances by various artists. He was also the composer behind the 2022 music CD Three Stories by Hans Christian Andersen. This delightful album features musical interpretations of classic tales, making it a charming addition to any family’s music collection.

Sonix and Other Tonix is available online at www.prestomusic.com.

Sonix and Other Tonix 

Jan Järvlepp composer
Trio Casals
Benda Quartet
Nishikawa Ensemble
Chelsea Meynig flute
Antonello DiMatteo clarinet
Lumír Kavík double bass

Release Date: March 15, 2024 • Catalog #: NV6603 • Format: Digital

Navona Records Description

Sonix and Other Tonix is a collection of innovative chamber works from composer Jan Järvlepp. The title refers to his piece Sonix for Ónix, composed for the Ónix Ensamble of Mexico. It combines elements from his most popular chamber and orchestral works, Pierrot Solaire and Garbage Concerto, respectively. The album also features Trio No. 3, a three-movement work for violin, cello, and piano which protests the rise of the surveillance state. Sonix and Other Tonix also includes Shinkansen, which takes listeners for a ride on a Japanese bullet train, and In Memoriam, written for the composer’s late brother. Spanning a diverse range of topics and influences, Sonix and Other Tonix exemplifies the iconoclastic creativity for which Järvlepp is known.