• By: Keith Whittier

Southway Hotel Plans Luxurious Transformation

In 1958, Peter and Theresia Zlepnig immigrated to Canada and built a simple seven unit motel next to their home. Two generations later, the guest-focused institution has stayed in the family and has big plans in the works.

1967 - Centennial Year - Southway Inn - 23 Rooms
The Southway in 1967

Just a few years after the opening, the Zlepnig’s son, Bill, and his wife Louisa, took over the family business. Being the first and only local airport motel, the property served as a valuable asset to the community. After adding 170 guestrooms, the Shallows Grill, fitness facilities and a meeting space, the motel transformed into a bustling hotel.

A generation later, the business continues to run in the family and the new owners, Fred and Stephen, Bill and Louisa’s sons, have made big plans to carefully curate the Southway Hotel into a state of the art retirement home. The $6 million project will convert the building into a full service retirement residence by January 2016.

Seniors and their families can expect the same level of quality treatment that has earned the Southway the status it has today: The soon to be Waterford Retirement Residence will be all about luxury living.

Despite the many occurring changes, the Zlepnig’s wanted to keep around their most valuable traditions. Known for showing off their holiday spirit, the Southway will continue its annual display of 100,000 colourful bulb decorations around Christmas time.

The Waterford will be crawling with luxurious amenities, features and services, like an indoor pool, 24-hour on-site staff and an array of fitness and wellness centres, like an HD cinema with exercise program demonstrations and a therapeutic spa.

For nearly 60 years, the Zlepnig’s hotel has maintained its reputation for great food and a cozy, homely atmosphere–an experience that will no doubt be passed on to the Waterford’s high standards of Ottawa’s finest senior living.