• By: Sofia Donato

Spence does diamonds differently

The growing millennial trend toward ethically responsible, environmentally sustainable and more affordable lab-created diamonds has come to Ottawa with the opening of the area’s first Spence Diamonds.

Vancouver-based Spence is the only diamond retailer in Canada to focus its business on Artisan Created Diamonds (ACDs) and, are physically, chemically and optically identical to mined diamonds. Mined diamonds are sold alongside the ACDs. The company opened its new store in the Rideau Center on December 11 2019.

The store offers a unique diamond shopping experience with open cases featuring more than 2,500 designer prototype ring styles for unrestricted, intimidation-free try-ons. Spence’s GIA-certified diamond consultants provide an unbiased, immersive education about cut, color, clarity, size, setting, style and the stones’ origins. Customers then select their style, setting, stone and metal to create a one-of-a-kind ring that Spence handcrafts just for them at its Vancouver studio.

Though Artisan Created Diamonds are always at least 33 percent larger and are of higher quality by two clarity grades than a similarly priced earth-mined diamond, many buyers are more attracted to the ethics and value behind the ACD trend.

Spence Diamonds has been in the diamond business for 40 years and is the only diamond retailer to showcase sustainable Artisan Created Diamonds alongside earth-mined diamonds. With up to 2,500 engagements ring designs in open display cases for customers to easily try on, Spence is built on choice and customization. Each Spence ring is unique and hand crafted.

As part of its ethically responsible mission, Spence Diamonds works with Not For Sale, a global nonprofit working to protect people and communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Spence donates a portion of each sale of an Artisan Created Diamond to Not For Sale.

In addition to their eight Canadian locations, Spence Diamonds has five locations in the U.S.