Spirit of Math Schools

Math is a language that few of us can speak. After more than a decade of school, many adults remember just enough to count pocket change and figure out their taxes. However, if you have a child who’s talented with numbers, Spirit of Math Schools can help them become fluent in this language of complex equations.

As Canada’s largest “after-school school” exclusively for high performing students in grades one to 11, Spirit of Math offers so much more than tutoring. The unique drill system, curriculum, problem solving and cooperative group work together provide an all-encompassing program that has produced top math students and math contest winners for more than 25 years. At more than 43 campuses, students experience a truly exciting learning environment where their thinking is stretched to new levels both by the teachers and their peers. Students attend a one and-a-half hour class each week (two hours in grades nine to 11) with homework between classes. Our advanced program is designed to engage and challenge bright students at every grade level. The program in each grade progresses through the regular school year for 39 weeks.

Four pillars of Spirit of Math’s curriculum.

Although the unique Spirit of Math curriculum has its roots in the early 1980s, the program was officially launched in 1995. Today it has more than 6,000 students enrolled across Canada and the US.

Spirit of Math has alumni working in theoretical physics and the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America.

To ensure students receive the best mathematical education possible, Spirit of Math focuses not only on advanced curriculum but also on ensuring that Spirit of Math teachers have the potential to be “top of the nation” in their teaching, and have an attitude of long-lasting learners.

There are currently two Spirit of Math campuses in the Ottawa area. The Joan of Arc Academy is on Elmira Drive and their Kanata Academy is on Beaverbrook Road in Kanata. You can find out more about the Spirit of Math Schools’ programs, and learn how to register, at spiritofmath.com.