Splendour in Small Spaces – 7 Tips For Turning Your Apartment Into a Dream Home

The dream of living in the perfect home is becoming harder and harder to achieve. The wide-open living spaces we hope to inhabit are an expensive luxury, with many living in smaller apartments for a fraction of the cost. Fortunately, there are ways to convert a small, cramped, or unloved apartment into the dream home you’ve always wanted! Here are 7 tips for turning your apartment into a dream home; let’s dive in!

Lighting is Key!

The art of Feng Shui suggests that allowing as much light as possible into a home is essential for good chi.  An abundance of natural light will leave an apartment looking bright and fresh. Unfortunately, allowing large amounts of sunlight into your apartment may leave you feeling a little exposed. So invest in some good quality blackout curtains or roller blinds to give privacy when needed.

Get Creative!

Not every apartment needs to resemble a page in an Ikea catalogue, so get creative! Allow your space to reflect your individual taste. Have a look on Pinterest to spark some inspiration, maybe even check out that cool boutique down the road, or try your luck at a local market. Don’t be afraid to let your space be unique and different.

Fill with Love!

Gazing around your dream home should be a positive experience, so fill your apartment with things that you love. If you don’t love a piece of decor, donate it! Your space should be filled with things that bring a smile to your face, not pieces that you feel obligated to keep. This is inspired by influential minimalists such as Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus; who strive to live a positive lifestyle surrounded by things that they adore!

Quality over Quantity!

This is another tip inspired by the minimalist lifestyle: instead of purchasing numerous cheap items that fill an apartment to the brim, invest in more meaningful purchases. When you gaze around your apartment, you will no longer be met with a clutter of cheap knick-knacks, rather an air of simplicity and value. As an added bonus, the decluttering process may allow you to make some extra money too!

Stay Organised!

A prominent characteristic of a dream home is its’ level of cleanliness. Unfortunately, the task of cleaning is rather less dreamy than the concept. Keeping things organised allows this maintenance to be a little easier, especially for those striving for organisation within a large family. This means less time cleaning and more time enjoying your beautiful home.

Keep things Fresh!

We have five senses, and should utilise all of them in order to enjoy the full dream-home experience. Fill your apartment with scented candles or diffusers; these are very easy to come by and will have an enormous impact on the mood of a living space. So find a scent that suits you, and keep your home fresh!

Know Your Neighbourhood!

Your dream home should not be confined to the four walls of a building, rather the neighbourhood that encapsulates it. Find things in your neighbourhood that you love; it may be a coffee shop, or a groovy antique furniture store. Whatever it may be, fall in love with your neighbourhood and enjoy its little gems.

So that’s it, 7 tips for turning your apartment into a dream home. Try them all, or pick a few favourites to incorporate into your lifestyle. Good luck!