Sports Betting That You Can Still Enjoy This Year

The world seems to have shut down when the coronavirus pandemic spread across the globe. Along with the quick headlines regarding the disease, is another heartbreaking news for the sports enthusiasts and bettors. Sports events such as March Madness, NBA, NHL, MLB, and soccer's Premier League were put on hold due to the current situation.

As most of the traditional sports bets are suspended, the billion-dollar sports betting industry is struggling to meet the demands of sports bettors. Are you one of the people itching to bet online with Fanduel or other sites? Then here are the sports that you can still enjoy betting this year!

Belarusian Soccer

The Belarus Premier League is basking on international limelight, as soccer fans discovered this sports event is still live streaming despite the ongoing pandemic. Belarus is a country in Europe that has not yet implemented strict coronavirus measures that are currently haunting the world.

Although soccer might seem the least important thing with what's currently happening, this sports event provides routine distraction for the people who are on lockdown. Moreover, it is providing soccer enthusiasts the fix they need ever since the Premier League was suspended. You can bet on Belurasian soccer on betting online sites.

Taiwanese Baseball

For the fans and bettors across the country, Taiwanese baseball is ongoing and is getting a boost to its reputation. After all, Major League Baseball and other postponed matches left a void in fans when it was canceled and rescheduled.

Taiwan's Chinese Professional Baseball League was able to have its late opening season this April. It has boosted the audience's morale with its first pitch combined with 33 home runs in the first 11 games. However, the stadium seats are left with robot mannequins as a way of filling up the arena since crowds are still not allowed due to the pandemic measures.

Taiwan's Basketball League

Another league that’s making a comeback in Taiwan is the Super Basketball League. The league has completed its regular season and opened its playoffs this April, which marks as the only major basketball league currently playing. Basketball fans worldwide have their full attention on this league as the National Basketball Association is still on hold due to the crisis.

The Chinese Taipei League is set to reopen its doors to its fans on June 28th as they completed the full 14-day incubation cycle without local COVID-19 cases reported. However, audiences are bound to follow the rules and social distancing measures to enjoy the game.

Additionally, newbie bettors of Taiwan's Basketball League can go to Taiwan's Betting News to look at the Taiwanese gambling sports tutorial that they made for international bettors.

Eastern European and Russian Table Tennis

The silver lining when the current popular sports are currently on hiatus is that people tend to discover what they haven't before—take table tennis as an example. Table tennis or ping pong pales in comparison to popularity with other sports such as basketball and football. Now that most major sports leagues are on hiatus, you can focus more on sports like Table Tennis.

ESPN has reported that bookmakers are putting lines on table tennis tournaments wherein live wagering is included even though it is not broadcast online. According to Bloomberg News, this sport's bettings has become popular, wherein matches from Russia and Ukraine accounted for 76 percent live bets during the match.


Modernization in technology has offered everyone the chance to play online multiplayer games. With that said, games such as DOTA2, League of Legends, and CS: GO are currently on top of online gambling, according to Forbes.

Although esports is no different from its other live events, some major events were canceled, and others were modified for online-play. Since esports' niche is online, esports betting is becoming more lively and has become a juggernaut in the world of online betting.

Simulated Virtual Sports

The simulated virtual sports such as NBA2K and Madden are starting to become one of the popular betting options. This major sports league video game does not have any participants in it. Instead it uses the randomness and simulation of a game to decide the results. Handicaps and other betting stipulations are still present with these types of betting games.

You can start to place your bets on this virtual sports simulation between two computer teams. With this said, the bookmakers' broadcast computer-generated games that people can wager on can be watched on Twitch, a video live streaming service platform for gamers.


As the world faces a crisis due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the people need some distractions and routine to keep their minds off from the worrying situation. Since many are on lockdown with lots of time on their hands, online betting can be one of the things one can leisurely enjoy at the comfort of their homes.

Photo: Baishampayan Ghose