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Sports Scholarship in Ottawa and How to Get It

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Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is well known for many reasons. It has the most educated populace and the highest per capita concentration of college and university graduates. More than half of its residents hold a degree from some of the best colleges or universities in the world. It's no wonder that quite a few people want to pursue an undergraduate or a postgraduate academic path in Ottawa.

Although education is the backbone of any developed society, getting a degree can be a very costly undertaking. Therefore, applying for a scholarship at some of Ottawa’s prestigious schools can be a huge advantage. However, it’s not such an easy thing to do.

Sports scholarships are relatively easier to come by compared to scholarships based on pure academic prowess. So, “What should I do to get Ottawa university scholarships in sports?”

This article will shed more light on that question and many more. But before we delve deep into the subject, let's try and define a sports scholarship.

What is a sports scholarship?

Just as its name suggests, it is a type of scholarship that is awarded to an individual to attend a university or a college based solely on their ability to excel at playing sports. In order words, if you believe that you are exceptional at sports, then you can be eligible for a university or college sports scholarship.

The obvious benefit of a scholarship is financial assistance. However, a sports scholarship can also help you improve self-confidence and significantly boost your chances of getting into a college or university of your dream.

How to get a sports scholarship In Ottawa

There are many prestigious universities and colleges in Ottawa that offer scholarships to student-athletes. Sports scholarships are not limited to tertiary schools and can be granted by high schools as well. Therefore, talented pre-high school students can also have a shot at winning a sports scholarship.

Unfortunately, the number of student-athletes who are eligible for sports scholarships is limited to:

  • Those who have met the admission requirements and been enrolled full time to pursue a course in the chosen school.
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and refugees.

The application procedure is pretty standard. Prospective applicants should:

  • Apply for the scholarship as soon as they’ve applied to the school and received a positive admission response.
  • Explore all available sports scholarship options and requirements on the school's website before submitting their application.
  • Submit all the required documents together with their application on the school's website.
  • Track their application status on the school’s website.
  • Wait until the scholarship is credited to their accounts.

Getting a scholarship is one thing but keeping it is quite another. Scholarships are renewed yearly, which is why you can easily lose yours unless you take certain preventive steps.

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To conclude, scholarships are usually reserved for the best students. So,  if getting a scholarship tickles your fancy, you should work really hard and push yourself to the limit. There is no other way around it.