• By: Allen Brown

Spotify For Podcasters: A One-Stop-Shop For All Podcasters

In our daily lives, we tend to have interesting conversations with our friends and family. Be it casual or educational, many of these simple conversations could be a gold mine for others to listen to. With the invention of the internet and various streaming platforms, it is now a possibility and the people are here for it!

The podcasting industry has been seeing steady growth over the years. That’s why many musicians shift their impact to podcasting to get proper¬†Spotify promotion¬†and expand their fanbase. Specifically in 2023, there are now over 464 million podcast listeners worldwide. However, there are only around 5 million podcasters around. That’s a huge market full of potential to be explored.

Many have tried to get involved as it seems pretty straightforward. After all, it’s just recording a group of people talking to each other isn’t it? Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as that. It’s only when it comes down to the processes of planning, scripting, recording, editing, publishing, promoting, and remaining consistent do people realize how much effort it takes to get an active podcast show running, let alone a successful one.

A Hub For Podcasters: About Spotify For Podcasters

Spotify for Podcasters was initially introduced in 2018 where creators would only be able to access Spotify analytics. As of March 2023, Spotify has announced at its Stream On event that it has rebranded the biggest podcast hosting platform, Anchor as Spotify for Podcasters to create a one-stop-shop for all podcasters.

With Spotify for Podcasters, creators would have access to everything they need to grow a podcast channel, all in one spot, regardless of where their shows are hosted! Specifically, upon logging into the website, a dashboard containing everything necessary to create, manage, and monitor your show will present itself. It’s all now just another click away!

Among others, features that are available to creators hosting on Spotify for Podcasters would include being able to directly record and upload your content, publish directly to Spotify including video form contents, attach interactive features such as polls and Q&A prompts, select among various monetization tools, monitor your show’s performance with a ton of detailed analytics, as well as upload your content to any other platforms.

Maximize Your Potential With Spotify For Podcasters Masterclass

Evidently, there is still a learning curve for users to be able to use the Spotify for Podcasters to its maximum potential. Some would find it daunting to even navigate through the many features available. Spotify, being the largest music streaming platform that also cares about its creators has acknowledged the issue and has made an attempt to help out.

In June 2023, Spotify announced its launch of a series of lessons with the intention of helping out and educating podcast creators. Titled “Spotify for Podcast Masterclass”, it consists of inspiring and engaging episodes featuring experts in the industry including Spotify’s Head of Podcast Partner Management, Jordan Newman.

By participating in these lessons, you could expect to gain a better understanding on how to navigate through your home bases, grow your shows, and deepen your connection with fans.

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