Spring Has Sprung

How you do you prepare your home for spring?

There is just something about the sun streaming in through my home, windows open and a gentle fresh breeze  blowing in! The days are longer, and this marks the beginning of months of carefree days in the sunshine.

Kind of like hitting refresh on your body and soul.

Since we can’t be outside all the time, it’s essential to find creative ways to bring the outside in. An infusion of colour will help transition your home from winter to spring. A change of accessories, toss cushions or even paint if you are feeling you need more of a dramatic change. I personally prefer a tone of white for the walls, as it gives such flexibility as a backdrop for any colour changes. It was not so long ago, that my Grandmother would have the slipcovers on her chairs and sofas removed and replaced with more vibrant prints to brighten the space.

My favourite switch is my bedroom, where I like to soften the bed linens to the softest of creams and pure white. It feels so crisp and inviting with coolness suited to the warmer temperatures outside.

Infusing a little Spring into your home does not have to be complicated or expensive. I tend to go a little overboard with flowers, but I get so much pleasure from a fragrant bouquet. Nothing brightens up a room like fresh cut flowers.


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Til next time,