Sproud makes a splash with sustainable alternative milk from unlikely source

Plant-based diets propelled by sustainability, health, taste and variety are swelling and expanding across worldwide food and beverage trends. As a result, the world of plant-based alternatives has quickly become a crowded place. But there is one new contender that is catching the eyes of curious Canadians.

Swedish-born plant-based milk alternative Sproud is that new product: an alternative to the alternatives, Sproud boasts a taste uncannily similar to traditional milk, numerous health benefits, and remarkably sustainable production. These benefits stem from an unlikely and entirely new protein base for alternative milk: peas.

Peas are an excellent protein source, and have been used in meat alternatives for some time, but their place on the dairy alternative stage is new. But it is not strange. Sproud is nut, soy, gluten and dairy free and is non-GMO. The product contains five times the protein of almond milk and three times the protein of oat milk. It is also the first plant-based milk in the world to receive Sugarwise Certification, which independently guarantees the truth of sugar-related claims internationally.

Pea production also requires much less water and land than the production of dairy and almond milks, providing Sproud with a sustainable edge in comparison to the competition. Though the concept of pea milk may sound strange, it exceeds every bar set for alternative milks and has become the leading new alternative to the alternatives.

Beyond regular commitments to sustainability from alternative milk brands, Sproud has pursued this model in every element of its production. The product comes in eco-friendly packaging and does not require refrigeration until after opening— cutting down on the brands carbon footprint and overall energy consumption even further. The carbon impact of traditional milk is three times higher.

Maria Tegman is the founder and CEO of Sproud. (PHOTO: AMANDA MORITZ)

“Sproud is all about bringing people together around a shared passion for plant-based alternatives and sustainability,” says Maria Tegman, Founder and CEO of Sproud. “Our goal is to create an authentic connection with Canadians who value transparency and authenticity by providing quality products that not only taste incredible but do better for the environment.”

Canadians are no strangers to pursuing sustainability. They are also no strangers to peas: in fact, Canada is the leading pea producer worldwide. It is no surprise, then, that Sproud is coming to Canada.

While Sproud was designed in Sweden, North American production has been localized within Canada by a Canadian co-packer based in Toronto. Sproud already sources many ingredients in Canada, and has been working with suppliers to establish Sproud production with Canadian peas at a Canadian facility. These efforts are expected to result in 100% Canadian production for Sproud products in Canadian markets in 2021.

Sproud’s focus on locally sourced ingredients and local production speak further to the brand’s dedication to integrating sustainability into every aspect of its operations.

Sproud is available in four unique varieties: original, unsweetened, barista and chocolate, and is interchangeable with dairy milk at a one to one ratio. Sproud’s barista blend was specially designed with coffee lovers in mind and, unlike most other plant-based alternatives, is easy to froth – making it a seamless replacement for dairy when creating the perfect espresso based beverage.

Tegman concludes, “We are excited to share our passion for doing what is good both for people and for the planet as we introduce Canadians to a new product and mindset that focus on both exceptional taste and sustainability.”

Canada’s newest plant-based milk can be found at major retailers and specialty grocers across the country and is also available to order online.