• By: OLM Staff

Sproud: Sustainable pea-based milk alternative

Price: $4.99 Where to Buy: https://besproud.com/en-ca/our-product/

Swedish-born, Canadian-sourced Sproud is a new plant-based milk alternative that boasts incredible taste, numerous health benefits, and greater sustainability than other milk alternatives. These exciting benefits all stem from one unlikely source: peas! An entirely new protein for milk substitutes, pea-based Sproud uses less water and land then traditional dairy or almond milk. It is available in four flavours and is soy, gluten, nut and dairy free.

It’s emergence on the dairy-free scene introduces a leading alternative to all the alternatives. Give it a try . . .  it just might be the best tasting plant-based and non-dairy milk you'll ever experience.

Sproud will soon be produced in Canada using Canadian peas.