St. Arnaud at Pressed

We are all aware of the greatness that is Ottawa’s Pressed. The events that Pressed hosts are undeniably some of the best in the city, paired with good eats and better drinks. Pressed’s curated acts never disappoint and Edmonton’s St. Arnaud is no exception.

This Friday May 3rd, from 8PM-11PM, Elgin’s Pressed will be hosting modern folk/singer-songwriter band St. Arnaud. St. Arnaud’s set will be introductory to the show, preceding local act, the Braden Foulkes band.

The foundation of St. Arnaud’s current tour is their newly released music video for the track “Morning Dreamers”. The ensemble’s “Morning Dreamers” contemplates. meditates and laments the loss of the potential life of their late friend and bandmate Luke Jansen.  

The tour is hyper-focused on the video’s recent release, highlighting the music video’s ‘light-hearted’ take on feelings of unease. The music video’s narrative explores invasion of privacy by an alien presence, alluding to the feelings of unease that may come with lament and loss of someone or something. Ian states that the video is a ‘loose allegory’ of the last morning he and his second bandmate Will Holowaychuk spent with Luke before he was hit by a commuter train while on a run, dying instantly.

St. Arnaud’s storytelling abilities are obvious not only within the lyrics of their songs, but also within the videography that they pair with, and for, the tracks.

Come on down to Pressed on Elgin to experience the bands in all their glory. $10 advance fee for the show.