State of the (Dis)Union: Michael Healey’s Plan B Comes to Ottawa

The issue of Quebecois separatism in Canada is no laughing matter. Unless we’re talking about Michael Healey’s award-winning play Plan B, that is.

Part of Ottawa’s Phoenix Players 2016/17 season, Healy’s Plan B poses the question: what if Quebec voted in favour of separation? It follows four politicians – Senator Michael and assistant Colin representing Canada, Premier Mathieu and Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs Lise representing Quebec – as they meet in Hull to discuss Quebec’s new national status. Dry subject matter? Perhaps, but Healy, a veteran thespian, presents it in a witty, irreverent and engaging way, meaning that you don’t have to be a politico to enjoy by Plan B’s intergovernmental banter. Plus, anyone who watches House of Cards or Veep knows that really, political entertainment is anything but dull.

For the past sixteen years, Phoenix Players has been bringing quality entertainment to Ottawa and the surrounding region, be it through comedy, mystery or drama. A registered charity, they offer local theatre workshops and help contribute to the Gladstone’s vibrant theatre scene.

Plan B runs from March 31 to April 8 at the Gladstone Theatre. It is directed by André Dimitrijevic.

Tickets are $20 or $18 for students and seniors. For tickets or more information, visit their website.