Storing Your Grill

With the colder weather we’ve been experiencing lately, many are beginning to pack away their grills until spring. Others are prepared to brave the outdoors and continue to grill their way through winter. If you’re one of the former, we have some quick tips for how to properly store your grill for winter so it will be in tip-top shape when you’re ready to break it out again.

Storing your grill may not seem like an important task, but it is to keep the grill in good working condition. Before packing your barbecue away, it is important to thoroughly clean the grates and any removable burners, and make sure you scrape or scrub off any leftover food or debris.

In order to repel moisture and prevent rust, it is recommended to coat the metal parts with cooking oil which will in turn help your grill last longer.

If you are storing your grill inside, remove the propane tank and store that separately outside of the house and standing upright. You should then tape a plastic bag over the grill’s gas line opening. This may sound a little strange since you are keeping the grill indoors but it helps to ensure no bugs make a home out of your grill.

If you are storing your grill outside, it is okay to leave the propane tank on but make sure you have it shut off and are covering the grill with either a tarp or grill cover.

And with that, you should be all set until springtime when a new grilling season beckons.