Stray Dog Brewing Co’s “This One” pairs well with BBQs and friends!

Located just off the Queensway, at the eastern boundary of Orleans, in a small industrial/retail strip mall, the cozy and vibrant taproom at Stray Dog Brewing Company often features live music or stand-up comedy. (I once saw Jay Semko, of the Northern Pikes, play an intimate acoustic set there.) As well as a retail shop that sells Stray Dog Brewing Company merchandise, and, locally-produced items.

Stray Dog is well known in the Ottawa craft brew scene, for their creative seasonal beers, their limited releases, and of course their core lineup of delightful brews.

If you go to the taproom and are unsure as to what to order. . .  You will usually be directed to “This One”. “This One” is Stray Dog's take on the California Common/Steam Beer.

Recently, I visited Stray Dog Brewing, to pick up a few of their available beers for the May long weekend, including… “This One”, which is also available at LCBO. 

“This One”, pours a clear, deep amber colour. It has a nice dense, foamy off-white head on it. Well carbonated, but not assertively so. The malt aroma is that of mild caramel, with some toasted grain, and a slightly fruity fragrance. A somewhat woodsy, floral odour is present from the hops.

The taste is that of moderate caramel-like maltiness, with a slightly more pronounced hoppy bitterness than the aroma indicates; a medium body, that is well carbonated but not overly so. “This One” has a medium body to it, and a somewhat dry finish, with a lingering aftertaste.

“This One” — in my not so humble beer-drinking opinion — is a solid, all-around moderate beer; it is “not too” much of anything. It is tasty, drinkable and approachable — in the end, very enjoyable.

Stop in at the Stray Dog taproom, and enjoy “This One”, or any of their amazing beers on tap and grab some cans to enjoy at home.

Pair “This One” with the weekend, a BBQ and a few good friends!

Stray Dog Brewing Company is located at 501 Lacolle Way, Orleans