Style Made Effortless: Summer Guidelines and Power Dressing for Work

Photo by Valerie Keeler. Hair by Stefania Capovilla, Soceity Salon. Makeup by Christina Crosier. 

1. Don’t be afraid to add prints Be bold and master the office-appropriate pattern play. Floral prints and stripes are a safe bet for most work environments, especially when you stick to traditional suiting colours (black, white, and navy). Try adding a floral print blazer or blouse to your standard office look or try on this look for casual Fridays.

page15_Alex_Girlboss Style 32. Reach for White For summer, stock your work wardrobe with standout white pieces. Think of them as fresher versions of your classic navy and black favourites. If you’re worried about stains, wear white as an easily removable separate — like a cardigan or vest.

page15_Alex_Girlboss Style 53. Define your #Girlboss Style The look of the working wardrobe has evolved dramatically over the past 10 years from stuffy skirtsuits to a more flexible and fashion forward dress code. The modern executive style should be cool and commanding. In lieu of a traditional suit, the new power dressing is all about a mixing and matching separates to create a silhouette that says ‘stature’.

Read Between the Lines

Whether they’re vertical, horizontal, or a mix-match of both, stripes are the new-season style. Rare was the designer who didn’t send some kind of super stripe down the catwalk, but my top marks go to Missoni, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, who experimented with layered shades, bold stripes and even perfected the classic stripe. It’s the flexibility of the stripe that lies behind this current moment in the sun. We are all used to the traditional black or blue and white stripe which were strictly vertical or lateral and uniform in width. But in the Spring/Summer shows, designers incorporated stripes into the designs of two-piece suits and even evening attire. For the bold at heart, try mixing stripes of different sizes by sticking to the same colour palette. For simplicity’s sake, take a cue from designers this season and colour between the lines.

Flip through the slideshow below to see Alex’s suggestions for hot new clothes and accessories:

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OLM_1372 By Valerie Keeler Photography
Photo by Valerie Keeler.

Ask Alex: Double Duty

Q: What can I wear to the office on Friday that will also transition into an evening outfit, so I can join my friends for drinks (or go on a date) without having to head home first?

A: Friday night is the best time to meet up with friends or meet interesting new professionals like yourself after work. By simply bringing a few different accessories to work, you can switch out your office look for a simply sweet date look. For the office, pair a date-night dress with a blazer, a pair of flats and classic jewelry. When the clock strikes 5, switch your flats for heels, add a statement necklace or earrings and grab a cocktail!

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