• By: Kat Walcott

Style Yourself 4 Ways for Sweater Weather!

November is here and, for those of us in the National Capital Region, it finally truly feels like sweater weather after a relatively mild and sunny October. We all have a favourite chunky sweater or two in our wardrobe and they’re truly a fall and winter staple because they are so cozy and versatile. Here are four ways to rock a sweater this season–whether you’re going for comfy-casual, professional, sporty or anything else, your knitwear will serve you well!

Comfy-Casual for Campus

Whether you’re in high school or university, you want your wardrobe to be as comfy as possible, as you spend long days in class, but also stylish, young and fresh. This unisex look is very much a students’ staple look during the cooler months. Pair a slouchy sweater with fitted jeans or corduroys for an effortlessly cool look that will also keep you warm. Complete the look with a pair of neutral-coloured boots, a nice scarf and a tuque and you’re ready to go!

Put Together for the Office

Sweaters can look very polished and professional if styled properly! For the office, or if you have a meeting, opt for a fitted sweater made with a fine knit, this makes for a more polished and put-together look in comparison to something slouchy with a large knit. Pair this with either a dress pant or skirt and dress shoes. Alternatively, you can also layer a crisp blouse underneath the sweater. Make sure the sleeves of the blouse are long enough to cuff around the sweater and ensure the blouse’s collar is exposed at the neck for that studious, professional look.

Classy for an Evening Out

A recent trend is wearing a neutral-coloured slouch sweater with a metallic, pleated maxi skirt. This mixes both comfort with classiness and makes for a young, but still sophisticated look. Perfect for an evening party or date where you want to dress up, but still want to be warm in the cool night air. These types of skirts are everywhere nowadays, but alternatively you can also layer the sweater over a floor-length pleated dress to get the same effect. Pair the look with some heels and a nice clutch and you’ll be turning heads.

Sporty and Warm

For an athletic look, and to keep you extra warm and comfortable, add a puffy vest over your chunky knit. This is great if you’re going for a fall hike or stroll in the park as it will keep you warm, dry and can also be easily taken off if you start to heat up during your walk. Pair your sweater and vest combo with a pair of jeans, thick boot socks and hiking boots and you’re ready to hit the trail in style.