• By: Dave Gross

Sucking in your glut

How’s your glut?

Getting enough glut?

Is the glut cutting into your chores; things you should be doing around the house?

Yes folks it’s a changed world after all.

The result from the hockey side of things is . . . of course . . . there is a glut of hockey to watch.

This weekend the buffet opened early – at noon Saturday and Sunday – and wrapped up around 2 a.m.

Praise the heavens for PVR.

Don’t get me wrong here, I relish watching the NHL’s best, but roughly 14 hours straight is a little much.

So, if you’re like me, we pick and choose based on who we like and, maybe more-so, who we dislike.

So (again), let’s throw out a few grades on the series entertainment metre halfway through the opening round.

Keep in mind, these are strictly my thoughts and shouldn’t adjust yours. (Isn’t that nice. I think I just virtue signalled. Cough).



You have to give it to the Blue Jackets, they’re like the vampire that’s tough to kill. Even if you run them over with your tractor a few times, Columbus rises from the dead.

This has been pretty good hockey, but the theme of giant-killer is the predominant blessing here.

Enjoyable to watch.


I’m sure Tuukka Rask would give this one a D as far as entertainment, if you could find him.

The absence of Rask and star sniper David Pastrnak tarnish this one a tad. Still there is a genuine hate building in this first-round set, and as Dean Brown is fond of saying – and we’re fond of Dean – hate is good for hockey.

I’m highly invested here. Love the B’s, can’t stand the Canes. But that’s just me, eh?


The Isles are kind of like the Toronto Raptors in concept: It’s all about the collective.

They’re not overly splashy but coach Barry Trotz pushes all the right buttons.

The sizzle belongs on the other side of the ice as Alex Ovechkin leads an extremely talented and flashy grouping.

Makes for an intriguing series, but not necessarily can’t-miss TV.


Big disappointment here from my living room couch.

As you’ll recall, or maybe you won’t, this is the one Eastern Conference do that I had circled prior to puck drop.

Unfortunately, the hockey has been ‘meh.’

This could change as the two head coaches (Kirk Muller takes over from our old pal Claude Julien) are starting to engage in politics.



Marvelous story-line here.

The upstart Canucks are becoming Canada’s darlings (the anti-Leafs?).

This is another along the lines of giant-killer, and boy are the Canucks ever jumping in headfirst.

The only drawback is the start times – late, late, late.

But are Bo Horvat and Quinn Hughes worth staying up for?

You betcha’.


Another great story unfolding here as Calgary tries to unburden itself of last year’s colossal playoff collapse.

Netminder Cam Talbot hasn’t looked this sharp in years. Good thing too, the Flames have really needed him.

Dallas is always fun to watch. A free-flowing, quick team with a bit of abrasiveness. The battle between Jamie Benn and that other Tkachuk, Matthew, is akin to those classic Hulk Hogan/Roddy Piper battles.


As expected and forecasted, this one’s as one-sided as it gets.

Mark Stone is simply being Mark Stone, and that’s enough.

The Hawks kept elimination at bay with a Sunday night win. Time is ticking on this set-to though.

Would love to see an eventual Vegas/Colorado match-up, and we’ll likely get it sooner rather than later.


Have to admit this is kind of an incomplete grade.

Of all the series, this is the one these eyes have seen just bits and pieces.

There’s just something about Arizona that begs for a yawn. Yeah we get it, Taylor Hall is dynamic, and Phil Kessel is jovial, but we’re not biting at this lure.

Looking forward to the Av’s next opponent in the next round.

Apologies to you Coyote faithful.

All seven of you.