Summer 2018 Trends that will transform your outfits from 0 to 100

I was never fond of the 80’s trend. The mom jeans, the chunky sneakers, colourful shadows… until now. Luckily, these trends have been translated – nay, reimagined – to modern simplicity and have been tailored to flatter different body types and enhance your best feature all the while retaining its true ideological structure. So, if you’re ready to REALLY #tbt, here are the things you need to have.

“Mom” Jeans

Off with the “boyfriend” jeans and their needless low crotch style which serves no purpose to us, women. Let us embrace the “Mom” jeans with its lovable high-waist feature that gives the illusion of longer, slimmer legs (at least, for those of us who do not make the 5’5 and above mark) and an appropriate inseam which creates the illusion (or enhanced for my ladies who hit the gym) of a perky derrière.

Chunky sneakers

If Rihanna wore them, we all need to own them. These chunky, retro sneakers are the absolute throwback and pairs well with some sweatpants/ tracksuit combo or rock them with some of your newly acquired mom jeans and you’re good to go. Wearing them on their own or follow suit with the rest of the trend and wear them with high, ribbed socks for a good ‘ol 80’s time.

Pencil skirts

Always a lover of balancing silhouettes, a great pencil skirt that cuts at your mid-calf makes for a great leg-lengthening trick. You can go the classic route black or amp it up with an off-white pair topped with a loose t-shirt or a boyfriend-fit classic button down and you can easily go from day-to-night with no hassle.

Statement belts

This lovely piece does more than just tucking your shirts and keeping your pants/skirts in place. It allows for opting out of statement necklaces but instead replacing it with chunky statement belts that further cinches you in at the smallest part of your waist and creates the illusion of a longer, leaner upper half and who doesn’t love functional fashion?

Statement earrings

I’ve always been a huge advocate of statement earrings as it can turn any outfit from 0-100. We’re talking plain white t-shirts half-tucked into jeans, cotton poplin shirt dress with flats and even those denim overalls you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t quite figured out just yet. Statement earrings are also a great way to try out trends if you’re not ready to commit to a full-on apparel trend.

With these few suggestions, go out take some #fire #ootd snaps and make like the rest of the style icons on Instagram and live your best life.