• By: Jennifer Hartley

Take a Trip with Alice Through the Looking-Glass

It is often debated whether or not author Lewis Carroll was under the influence of some kind of narcotic when he created Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking-Glass. It is completely understandable to ponder the question as the stories are wacky, out-of-this-world, fantastical and outrageous.  They are equally clever and witty with great poems and brilliant wordplay.  Alice Through the Looking-Glass is currently running at the NAC and you don’t need any substances to assist in its enjoyment.

Without exaggeration or embellishment, it is pure fantasy on stage and every component of this production will blow you away.  It is the perfect antidote to the monotony of life.

AliceNAC2Visually, Alice goes wildly beyond expectation and imagination. It is pure eye candy from beginning to end and is worth seeing for that alone. Some of the props and scenes have a Dr. Seuss-esque quality, adding to the ambience. When each episode of Alice’s journey ends, you are left wanting more, waiting for her next move on the chessboard not just for the sake of her adventure but to see how director Jillian Keiley and set and costume designer Bretta Gerecke will creatively present it. The production is breathtaking.

The acting is just as good. The NAC’s 2014-2015 Ensemble has come together beautifully. Natasha Greenblatt is the perfect Alice. She is spectacular and embodies Alice’s child curiosity, logic, nature and wonder. Alex McCooeye is the lovable White Knight and he too is magic to watch on stage. Karen Robinson is wonderful as the Red Queen and David Warburton’s Humpty Dumpty is brilliant. Actually, truth be told, the entire cast is fabulous.

The only caution is a couple of the scenes are a bit long for the younger set and some of the humour and play on words will fly over the heads of younger children–that said, one solution is to read the story with your kids before seeing it. It may be full of visual stimuli for younger audiences, but adults will no doubt get a big buzz out of the show. It runs until January 3, 2015.