• By: OLM Staff

Tasteful Labyrinth of Art

Koyman Galleries

Koyman Galleries are bringing Canadian art to the doorsteps of Ottawa. The gallery is now one of the largest commercial art galleries in Canada. The expansive bright area is uniquely designed to truly offer the viewer an unbiased and pure appreciation of each of the pieces of art.

“It’s an environment where it’s very easy to view the art,” said the gallery’s director, Terry Koyman.

The gallery is split into two levels, leaving the contemporary pieces of art at ground level, while the more traditional paintings, such as landscapes and portraits are upstairs.

The generous 13,000 square footage of the gallery houses more than 5,000 works of art, representing approximately 200 Canadian artists.

“We have some incredible artists,” added Koyman.


In a New York style loft setting, the floor is designed in an organized labyrinth, with each individual wall serving as a display wall for each artist, thus separating it from the rest in a non-obtrusive manner.

The clean and crisp tone of the gallery is subtly accentuated by the soft instrumental music leading the voyeurs on their artistic journey. Whether it is the challenge of abstract art that one seeks or the melancholy mellow atmosphere that a calming field of tulips or autumn-coloured landscape brings, there seems to be a piece of art to match every emotion.

The gallery is located at 1771 St. Laurent Blvd. For more information, visit www.koymangalleries.com.