• By: OLM Staff

Taxidermy Trend

The resurgence of taxidermy as a desirable element of home décor is something to be embraced. Over the past several years, we have witnessed the design trend incorporated into commercial spaces and it finally is making a dramatic appearance in homes.

With animal pelts, skulls and heads plastered on the walls of the hippest new establishments, magazine pages and retailers’ shelves, we can’t seem to avoid it.

But why would anyone other than a hunter take to mounting animal parts throughout their home? It has been said that taxidermy gained great popularity during the Victorian Era as a means of ‘momento mori’ which is the Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality. So perhaps through incorporating decorative nostalgia in the form of items which once carried life we are welcoming the aura that is attached to them. Though I have been told that my decorative pieces resemble “mystery critter antlers”, it is ultimately the representation of the energy these pieces would have carried if they were authentic that appeals to me.

I like every space that I create to have a story to tell and although I try really hard to acquire bona fide pieces that have withstood the sands of time, I turned to mass production retailers for the antlers and skulls in my latest vision. They are also more reasonably priced. In this design, the eclectic mix of the contemporary microsuede parson chairs combined with the Louis dining chairs help balance the union of modern minimalist with rustic charm while the aura of the animals surrounds the occupants.


FAUX ANTLERS – Home Sense: $49.99
FAUX RAM SKULL – Joss & Main: $29.99
FAUX STEER SKULL – Joss & Main: $31.95
LOUIS DINING CHAIRS – Structube: $239.00 each
ALLAN & ROTH PENDANT LIGHT – lowes.com: $198.00