Tea is Totally #Trending

Whether you want to warm up or cool down, tea blends provide refreshment no matter what the weather is like!

Who said tea was boring? Or that coffee was better than tea? Total myths!

Rejuvenate and hydrate your system with the fresh Summer Collection from David’s Tea with blends that are guaranteed to brighten up your day — even when the sun is not out!

OLM recommends purchasing the Summer Collection Kit, which includes the five tasty teas and intricate infusions in 25g bags as well as ten organic agave sticks that provide the perfect amount of sweetness to each tea.

Zesty "Mango Fruit Punch" Blend
Zesty “Mango Fruit Punch” Blend

The three herbal fruit infusion teas included are: Mango Fruit Punch (pineapple, mango, tangerine, marigold blossoms), Just Peachy (juicy peach flavor), Watermelon Mint (apple, watermelon, honeydew, peppermint) and Sangria (hibiscus, strawberries, orange)- non-alcoholic of course!

The final tea in the collection is a white tea: Shooting Star Fruit (papaya, mango, jackfruit)

I know your mouth is watering and it should be!

You can feel completely guilt-free drinking this zero calorie beverage that also hydrates your body, enhances your mood and brightens your day!

Best Version of Virgin "Sangria"
Best Version of Virgin “Sangria”

Tropical tastes and flavours will infuse your mouth and bring you straight to summer paradise — whether that be heading to the office, sunbathing on the beach or calming down after a full day of activities!

Refresh your mind and rejuvenate your soul with the tea blends that are bound to make you smile after each sip.

We are totally going to follow this tea #trend. Why wouldn’t you? http://bit.ly/1lIwRRv.