Technology’s continued influence on home entertainment

In years past, people had few options to entertain themselves at home. There was only a handful of channels and whatever was on the radio. In the advent of satellite and cable television, however, those options really began to open up. While satellite TV was expensive at first, an increasing number of people were suddenly able to access a whole host of new channels. Added to that was the launch of high-speed broadband, improved computer technology, and new games consoles. There was no longer a want of choices in home entertainment. Recent years, in particular, have seen significant changes in how people are consuming entertainment at home without the need to spend vast amounts of money, as they otherwise would if going out for the evening. Modern technology has ensured that many of such changes are available. Here are some of the areas where these changes have been at their most prominent.


The gaming industry is enormous, and there are so many ways for people to enjoy playing their favourite games. Some like to play solo games, while others love nothing more than to engage with multiplayer games with friends or other online competitors. Websites like have even made gaming safer, as well as enabling players to access established brands faster than ever before. Thanks to the Internet and other technology, gamers no longer need to go out to the casino or arcade to get their gaming fix. They can enjoy the plethora of gaming sites thanks to high-speed broadband, and the quality of gaming consoles available has made the whole experience more enjoyable than ever before.


A social occasion at the cinema can be an expensive night. Not only do people have to buy a ticket, but there's also the constant temptation of the overpriced confectionaries to contend with. Thanks to high-speed broadband and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, there’s a wide selection of movies, box sets, and even the occasional sports to consume. This has led to all but one Blockbuster store being wiped out (as well as almost all other DVD rental stores).


Some people love nothing more than settling down with a gripping book, entertainment magazine, or their favourite newspaper. However, they’re no longer forced to leave home to buy these items, as each of these options is available online. From streaming news to online magazines and ebooks, all the content that one person could ever need is available on the Web.


There are numerous music streaming services and apps, such as Spotify and Pandora. Now people can create their own playlists without having to confine themselves to the order of tracks on an album. A number of these music sites and apps are free, with Spotify providing an optional paid upgrade to remove ads. There’s a wide range of choice as well, with numerous genres and artists represented, so whatever a listener’s taste in music, there will be music available.

It seems there’s no denying the enormous effect that technology has had on how we consume entertainment in the home.