• By: OLM Staff

Teens will learn the power of words and truth in journalism while you support literacy

Title: Champions
Author: News Media Canada
Illustrations: Rachel Joanis

Price: $35

“Truth is a reflection. It shows us who we are. Through this reflection, we learn, grow, and move forward. But sometimes the truth is warped or distorted. In those times, who can we trust to uncover the truth? In a time of information overload, having credible news sources that not only share stories but seek to provide accurate, factual information provides us with peace of mind. Where misinformation aims to alter the narrative, journalism lays bare the truth.” — Champions

News Media Canada has published a bilingual illustrated book titled Champions, honoring notable journalists from the Canadian news media industry. With custom illustrations by Canadian artist Rachel Joanis, Champions aims to reflect and showcase the lives and stories of notable journalists across Canada. These are the people who champion the truth and influence news and media. The book is available for purchase in both English and French in hardcover format, but also available for free as an e-book or download as a pdf. To further champion the power of words and increase literacy among Canadian children, all proceeds from the sale of Champions will be donated to First Book Canada- a charity that provides books and educational resources to hundreds of thousands of children throughout the country each year.

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Header Photo: Evan Bergstra