Telix Incorporated: Local Firm Makes VoIP Extremely Affordable

Telix Incorporated offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems that are a smart alternative for small- and medium-sized businesses and that can replace traditional PBX systems. Their all-inclusive phone systems offer unlimited North American calling, conference calling, voicemail to e-mail, remote workers and many other features that would cost extra with other telecom providers. What you get is a fully functional phone system at a very affordable price.

Here is what CEO Anthony Galla and Business Development Officer Robert Nino, the founders of Telix Incorporated, had to say about what differentiates Telix from the competition.

Rob Nino: Telix VoIP Solutions significantly reduces monthly phone costs compared to a traditional phone system. We structured our pricing plan to provide savings on average of 60 per cent compared to traditional analog systems. When customers have multiple locations, these cost savings can be greater. When comparing Telix systems to a traditional phone system, we know we come out ahead. Our all-inclusive features, combined with our commitment to personal customer support, set us apart. There are still some business owners who do not realize that VoIP technology is extremely reliable. We take pride in educating them on the viability of our VoIP technology.

Anthony and I launched Telix once we were confident that the technology and our infrastructure were reliable and that we could provide a smooth transition with zero downtime. Our research showed us that there were three key areas that needed to be addressed within the telephone industry: customer service, cost and quality. We were confident the service had to be local. The cost had to be competitive with the market. The quality and reliability had to be solid. This is a big part of what has made Telix successful. We packaged our high-quality services in such a way that we can offer a return on investment in some cases in less than six months.

Anthony Galla: We offer the most up-to-date VoIP technology. We are constantly upgrading software and hardware to stay current with today’s technology. We want our customers to know that we provide the best that’s available by today’s industry standards. We work closely with all ISPs to ensure network connectivity and reliability.

Rob Nino: We simplified our services to be all inclusive. Anthony and I are very engaged and we believe this differentiates us from the competition. In many cases, we are replacing multinational Telco systems. Our customers tell us that our personal approach and quick response is a much-needed and appreciated business practice.

Anthony Galla: Telix systems are cost-effective. By lowering operating costs and increasing employee productivity, the switch to Telix will increase your company’s profitability. Telix gives remote workers the ability to be connected without being in the office, an extension call away.

We enjoy being personally involved in every aspect of the install. Not only does this give us a better idea of the customer’s needs, but it allows us to guarantee our quality of service. We will not provide our service unless we feel the prospective customer’s Internet connection is reliable. Before, during and after-sales services are important for our continued success. Existing customers have referred many clients to us because we continue to excel in customer service. They know that if they make the call to customer support, someone is going to answer the phone. You’re not put on hold or have to wait two hours for customer support to get back to you.